These salmon hamburgers are THE YUMMIEST! and made with simply 5 components. The very best for a fast + simple high protein lunch or supper.

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I understand, I understand. However for as weird-sounding as salmon hamburgers are, they are so exceptionally excellent.

We’re talking crispy exteriors, flaky withins, and an ideal golden color, not to point out great deals of nutrition, THANK YOU SALMON.

They are likewise simple to make and need (typically) very little, if not absolutely no, grocery shopping, presuming you keep a decently equipped kitchen. I like, like, like these crispy pan-fried little people.

And as if the salmon hamburgers weren’t sufficient currently to consume by themselves (which, um, they are), I require you to make this slaw to serve your salmon hamburgers in/on/around. It is absolutely nothing elegant– simply a shredded cabbage, yogurt, herbs, garlic, and vinegar scenario, however paired with the salmon hamburgers? the crispy-salty-tangy combination is an ON POINT combination. Plus, once again with the incredibly nutrition. Plus Sugar Free January friendly.

Salmon burger close up.

Let’s Talk Herbs For Salmon Burgers

Dill isn’t truly in season at the minute, however I do like to have these salmon hamburgers with a little dill. You can typically purchase it at the supermarket in those little plastic clamshells that cost excessive. Know the ones I’m speaking about?

However if you’re not incredibly delighted about the expensive-winter-dill-in-a-clamshell scenario, you can utilize 1) freeze-dried dill, which I keep in my spice collection year-round, and 2) any other fresh herb! I made a variation of these with parsley and cilantro when I didn’t have any dill, and mwah. They were still completely tasty.

Dill would still be my very first option, however just like all my preferred dishes, you can have fun with that a bit.

Slaw for salmon burgers in a mixing bowl.

Yes, We’re Utilizing Canned Salmon

And now for the huge concern. Do you utilize canned salmon? Subtext: is it gross?

Response: Yes, I utilize canned salmon, and NO, it most definitely is not gross in these salmon hamburgers if you are purchasing the best things.

Fresh salmon that you have actually currently prepared would likewise work if canned salmon is too unusual for you. However I wish to take a minute to guarantee you that it is really possible to discover non-gross canned salmon if you do a little browsing and want to invest a little additional for greater quality. I truly like Wild World canned salmon. It is captured in Alaska, and Wild World focuses on sustainability and preservation of marine environments with all their items. Not sponsored, simply a superfan. You can likewise purchase it here on Amazon (affiliate link). And since it’s canned, you can simply keep it in your kitchen and have it ready whenever you require a little salmon hamburger joy.

God bless kitchen meals.

Salmon burger with bite taken out.

Have A Look At Our Video For How To Make Salmon Burgers:

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Salmon Burger on plate with slaw.

Salmon Burgers with Slaw

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These salmon hamburgers are THE YUMMIEST! and made with simply 5 components. The very best for a fast + simple high protein lunch or supper.

Active Ingredients

Salmon Hamburgers

Cabbage Slaw:


  1. For the salmon: Flake the salmon apart. Mix all hamburger components together and form into 3 big or 4 medium patties. Heat olive oil over medium heat, preferably in a nonstick frying pan. Fry the hamburgers for a couple of minutes on each side up until golden brown and crispy. Put on a paper towel lined plate and spray with salt.
  2. For the slaw: Mix all slaw components together. Taste and change.
  3. Serve: Dish out those hot salmon hamburgers on a bed of velvety slaw. I top my own with a dollop of additional yogurt and a swizzle of oil and more herbs. Can’t stop me.


Breadcrumbs are very important here. Panko provides an actually good texture whereas entire wheat breadcrumbs would be a great option if you wish to avoid the refined grains. If you utilize an experienced breadcrumb mix, minimize the quantity of salt in the hamburgers by about 1/2.

For the salmon, you might utilize remaining steamed, poached, grilled, baked, whatever kinda salmon If you do not have actually any prepared salmon helpful, utilize canned salmon! That’s what I typically do. I would advise searching for a brand name of canned salmon that is captured in the United States. I truly, truly like Wild World for quality canned salmon. You can find out more about their sourcing/fishing approaches here.

If you take place to have a container of Sunlight Sauce in your refrigerator, utilize that to make the slaw! Simply blend cabbage with yogurt, include some Sunlight Sauce, and polish it off with a little dill. Super yummy.

The hamburgers will keep quite well in the refrigerator (~ 3 days) or freezer (~ 3 months). When you’re prepared to consume, pop them in a nonstick frying pan to reheat since it will maintain crispiness! The slaw, nevertheless, is finest consumed right now. It most likely has one day max in the refrigerator once it’s been blended.

Gluten Free: We attempted 3 various GF alternatives– almond flour, crushed Chex cereal, and GF oats. All 3 ended up being fantastic replacements, however we liked the smooth texture and taste of the almond flour variation the very best. Almond meal would work simply as well too.

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