That’s how consumed I am right now: WORLD’S BEST WATERMELON healthy smoothie is up in the howwwse, including 4 basic components -> watermelon, mint, honey, and water. You’re gon na go nuts.

this dish

Perhaps it would be best to call it a slushie? I imply, what is the essence of a healthy smoothie? Does it consist of something velvety? Or is it simply any mix of things (well, I imply, fruits most likely) that are gone through the mixer and after that drank up with a straw?

I’m gon na make my own method today, and I am calling this not just a watermelon shake, however the world’s finest watermelon shake due to the fact that I am that far gone. Beyond simply pleasure, perhaps even beyond basic fixation. This watermelon shake is otherworldly in its smooth texture, juicy sweet taste, rejuvenating taste (do you understand what I imply? watermelon “taste” is so astonishing in some cases, and the mint in there! ♡ ugh you’re gon na pass away), and utter simpleness. 4 components, 5 minutes to prep, and you exist.

It is a MUST-DRINK around when every day in the summertime. With that slushie-like texture which sweet watermelon-mint taste that will make you seem like you’re an infant unicorn leaping through a crystal clear waterfall, this is a wonderful potion of summertime happiness.

How To Make Our Watermelon Shake (30 Sec):

Two pink smoothies with a straw.

A couple of things to understand prior to you start.

Initially, simply whenever you purchase a watermelon for this function, sufficed up in pieces and keep the pieces in bags in the freezer. 2 cup parts works well– that suffices for one big shake or 2 little ones. That method you do not need to go attempting to disintegrate a substantial block of frozen watermelon when the watermelon shake yearning hits.

Smoothie ingredients in a blender.
Smoothie in a blender.

2nd, toss in whatever add-ins feel required If you have actually got basil, toss a couple of basil leaves in. If a spritzer is more your design, include some La Croix which is more than most likely currently in your refrigerator due to the fact that life likes La Croix, right? If you’re searching for more of a celebration beverage, put your mixology hat on (I’m picturing rum? or possibly tequila in a watermelon margarita sort of capability?) and GO. Likewise welcome me over please k thanks see you quickly.

Smoothie with a straw.

Third, if you desire the slushie-like consistency to remain smooth and consistent, serve it immediately Particularly if it the glasses are going outside for any length of time. The longer you wait, the more you will discover the icy slushie parts increasing to the top of the glass and the juicy, uhh, juice sinking to the bottom. Which, to be sincere, leaves you with a major juice reward when you stick your straw in and begin drinking (pure happiness, actually), however possibly you’re searching for more of a non-juicy shake experience, in which case serve right away.

Two smoothies with a straw.

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Watermelon Smoothie being poured into a glass. World’s Finest Watermelon Healthy smoothie

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World’s Finest Watermelon Healthy smoothie! Including 4 basic components -> watermelon, mint, honey, and water. You’re gon na go nuts.



  1. Mix the watermelon and the water till smooth. Include the honey and mint and mix another 10-20 seconds till primarily smooth and the consistency of a slushy.
  2. Serve right away!



Purchase a watermelon, sufficed up in cubes, and put them in quart sized bags so you have your 2-cup parts currently rationed. That method when it’s time to make a watermelon shake, you simply get one bag out of the freezer and you’re great.

Defrost the watermelon for 30 seconds or two in the microwave, simply enough to separate the pieces and likewise so that it’s not SO rock hard that it’s going to harm your mixer. However not totally defrosted, either, due to the fact that then you’ll lose the slushy texture. You desire it in a soft frozen state.

Do not include a lot of herbs, however … I do enjoy herbs and I extremely suggest the addition of both mint and basil. Particularly mint.

The shake will separate after a couple of minutes– that’s why you need to serve it immediately. This is not a huge offer due to the fact that guess what? The things at the bottom (see images) is straight up watermelon JUICE and it is fantastic.

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