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It’s Saturday tomorrow. And these entire wheat pancakes are FLUFFY.

Keep in mind when I revealed you this photo? These are those, and those are these. One in the exact same.

Whole wheat pancakes stacked on a plate.

Other than that time I was feeling a little additional generous with myself and included 1,000 chocolate chips to the batter.

Chocolate chips or no chocolate chips, I simply love pancakes. They’re my go-to breakfast option on Saturday early mornings. Eggs and French toast and bacon and all that is great, since, I indicate, let’s be genuine: I like all food. However those other breakfast foods simply do not hold up to the goodness of a huge stack of fluffy pancakes absorbing a puddle of melted butter and maple syrup.

This dish originates from an actually sweet blog writer called Jessica. Or Jess. I have not satisfied her face to face so I can’t state what you need to call her for sure. She passes Jess on her blog site however perhaps something like GENIUS would be better suited thinking about these pancakes were born from her popular fluffy entire wheat pancake dish.

Jess, your pancakes rock.

Egg and brown sugar in a mixing bowl with a whisk.

I just made a couple of modifications, consisting of including vanilla and tweaking the quantity of buttermilk and flour. It didn’t truly require it, I simply have an obsession to fine-tune things and a bad practice of going rogue with dishes. I have actually made these adequate times to understand that whether you follow her dish precisely, or follow this variation, you will wind up with some pleasantly light and fluffy pancakes on your breakfast plate.

I likewise reworded the dish to be for 2 individuals since we are a household of 2 individuals and gosh darn it, I constantly have additional pancake batter left over. And even worse, I discover myself attempting to do dish mathematics prior to consuming food and drinking coffee on my day of rest. Not fine.

It simply makes me unbelievably pleased to have one little bowl of batter that provides me 6 luscious pancakes, which’s it. 3 for me, 3 for him. Done and done.

Now smell this.

Whole wheat pancake cooking on a skillet.

That’s the odor of Jessica’s exceptionally fluffy pancakes fluffing up in all their entire wheat brown sugar vanilla magnificence.

Another thing I wished to inform you about Jess prior to I finish up this pancake fest– she resides in Thailand. THAILAND! We’re virtually next-door neighbors. And she has an entire lot (like, pages and pages and pages, and I need to understand since I have actually read them all) of posts on her and her spouse’s journeys all over the world. India, Japan, China, Singapore, and obviously her homeland (sorta), Thailand. Plus pages and pages of amazing dishes that are ideal for individuals who reside in South East Asia. Like me! Today when I went to her website she had a mango dish roundup. Hi, ideal.

Which advises me. These pancakes are incredible.

Whole wheat pancakes stacked on a plate with syrup.

Fantastic and simply enough for 2.

Face plant this as quickly as possible.

Whole wheat pancakes stacked on a plate with a fork removing a bite.

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whole wheat pancakes for two

Entire Wheat Pancakes for 2

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These entire wheat pancakes are the ideal sized batch for simply 2 individuals. The very best, most fluffy entire wheat pancakes I have actually ever made!

Active Ingredients


  1. Blend the brown sugar into the egg. When the mix is smooth, include the oil, vanilla, and buttermilk and blend for 15 seconds.
  2. Include the flour, baking powder, and salt to the bowl and stir up until simply integrated. Include the water and do a test put of your batter. It ought to run efficiently and not have a lot of bubbles or a “puffy” appearance. If it looks too thick and puffy, thin it out a little by including water, one tablespoon at a time, up until you get the ideal consistency.
  3. Pour 1/3 cup batter into a nonstick frying pan over medium low heat. When the edges look dry and the top has bubbles, utilize a spatula to turn the pancakes. Let them prepare for another minute or more, up until golden brown on both sides. Get rid of from heat and serving.


This makes about 5-6 pancakes. We like to put chocolate chips in ours– simply spray them onto the pancake right after you put the batter into the pan. When you turn the pancakes, they’ll get soft and melty– simply how I like it.

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