It’s relaxing season. Let’s make banana pancakes! This banana pancake dish yields gloriously fluffy pancakes, despite the fact that they’re made with hearty entire wheat flour.

These entire grain pancakes have more compound than your typical pancake, which implies they can really sustain you up until lunch break. I like to dollop them with some peanut butter for some additional fiber and protein.

banana pancake ingredients

I adjusted these pancakes from the banana coconut pancakes in Love Real Food (page 17). If you have not attempted those yet, you have actually been losing out! These are more traditional banana pancakes, and I handled to integrate a little bit more mashed banana for optimum banana taste.

These banana pancakes are ideal for lazy weekends, and reheat well for hectic weekday breakfasts. You can likewise double the batch and freeze additionals for later on. They certainly cheer up cold gray early mornings, which is what we have actually been having recently.

Banana Pancake Tips

Make these pancakes with the random remaining bananas on the counter. Overripe bananas are ideal!

Constantly make pancakes by hand (not with an electrical mixer). Over-mixing the batter yields rubbery pancakes. Merely integrate the damp and dry components as advised. Stir them together with a huge spoon up until no huge grainy swellings stay.

Frying pans are terrific due to the fact that you can make more pancakes simultaneously. Electric frying pans are good due to the fact that the temperature level remains continuous.

If you’re preparing on the stovetop, you might require to call back the heat a bit in time. Your temperature level is too expensive if the pancakes are golden on the outdoors however still raw on the within.

Gently coat your frying pan or frying pan with butter or coconut oil in between batches. Make sure to rub out the excess butter/oil with a paper towel so it does not burn. (There’s really excessive butter in the frying pan in the picture listed below. Oops.)

The pancakes are all set to turn when about 1/2-inch of the border has actually turned from shiny to matte. Much better to wait a little too long to be safe than to wind up with a doughy mess.

Banana Pancake Variations

You can make these pancakes as-is (my favorite) or gussy them up. Alternatives consist of:

After stirring together the damp and dry components, you can carefully fold in fresh blueberries or sliced strawberries (approximately 1 cup) or chocolate chips (approximately 1/2 cup).

Leading your pancakes with homemade fruit compote, almond butter, pecan butter or whipped cream!

how to cook banana pancakes

Please let me understand how these pancakes end up for you in the remarks. I hope these ended up being a preferred weekend dish.

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whole wheat banana pancakes

Entire Wheat Banana Pancakes

  • Author: Cookie and Kate
  • Preparation Time: 10 minutes
  • Prepare Time: 10 minutes
  • Overall Time: 20 minutes
  • Yield: 6 to 7 pancakes 1 x
  • Classification: Breakfast
  • Technique: Stovetop
  • Food: American

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These banana pancakes are so fluffy, nobody will think they’re made with entire wheat flour! Leading these entire wheat pancakes with peanut butter and sliced up bananas for additional protein and fiber. Dish yields 6 to 7 pancakes (enough for 2 to 3 individuals); double the quantities for a household or more leftovers.

Active Ingredients

  • 1 cup white entire wheat flour or routine entire wheat flour
  • 1 tablespoon baking powder (not baking soda!)
  • 1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon
  • 1/4 teaspoon fine sea salt
  • 2/3 cup milk of option *
  • 1/2 cup mashed ripe banana (from about 1 big banana), plus another banana for slicing on the top
  • 1 big egg
  • 2 tablespoons maple syrup or honey, plus more for serving
  • 2 tablespoons melted saltless butter or coconut oil
  • 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • Optional garnishes: sliced banana, maple syrup, peanut butter or almond butter


  1. If you’re utilizing an electrical frying pan, pre-heat it to 350 degrees Fahrenheit now. In a medium bowl, integrate the flour, baking powder, cinnamon and salt. Blend to mix.
  2. In a smaller sized bowl, integrate the milk, mashed banana, egg, maple syrup, butter and vanilla. Blend up until mixed. Put the liquid mix into the flour mix and blend simply up until integrated.
  3. If you are not utilizing an electrical frying pan, heat a heavy cast iron frying pan or nonstick frying pan over medium-low heat. You’re all set to begin cooking pancakes as soon as a drop of water sizzles on contact with the hot surface area. If required, gently oil the cooking surface area with extra butter or coconut oil, thoroughly cleaning up excess with a paper towel (nonstick surface areas most likely will not need any oil).
  4. Utilizing a 1/3- cup determining cup, scoop the batter onto the hot frying pan, leaving a number of inches around each pancake for growth. Prepare up until little bubbles form on the surface area of the pancakes, 2 to 3 minutes (you’ll understand it’s all set to turn when about 1/2- inch of the border is matte rather of shiny).
  5. Turn the pancakes, then prepare up until gently golden on both sides, 1 to 2 minutes more. Repeat the procedure with the staying batter, including more butter or oil and changing the heat as required.
  6. Serve right away or keep warm in a 200 degree Fahrenheit oven. If preferred, leading specific portions with a spread of peanut or almond butter and/or sliced up bananas, and serve with more maple syrup or honey on the side.
  7. Remaining pancakes can be kept in the fridge for approximately 3 days, or frozen for approximately 3 months. To reheat, stack remaining pancakes and cover them in a paper towel prior to carefully reheating in the microwave.


* Milk choices: This dish will deal with cow’s milk, nut milk (almond milk, cashew milk, macadamia milk), soy milk or coconut milk.

Make it dairy complimentary: Usage non-dairy milk (see list above for an ideal option) and coconut oil rather of butter.

Make it vegan: See above, leave out the egg, and utilize maple syrup rather of honey.

Make it egg complimentary: Merely leave out the egg!

Make it gluten complimentary: Usage gluten-free all-purpose flour mix rather of entire wheat flour.

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