this dish

I’m gettin all healthy on ya today.

I have actually been at the supermarket A LOT recently. Grocery shopping has actually constantly been a weekly emphasize for me, since certainly I reside on the edge. Some individuals invest Saturday at the shopping center purchasing shoes; I invest Saturday at the supermarket purchasing brand-new type of flour and chocolate. I imply, um, vitamins.

In among my current grocery journeys, I found those bags of prewashed, precut kale in the fruit and vegetables area. I understand, I’m a little behind the times and mayyyybe a little lazy because I do not like to invest one minute cleaning and cutting those substantial kale leaves. However after living abroad for a year with a lowered variety of fresh greens readily available and a comprehensive cleansing procedure needed for all veggies, my eyes popped out of my head and my jaw struck the flooring when I saw this benefit superfood. They should understand me.

Grocery shopping, however.

Something frightening is taking place to me, and it’s called I never ever wish to return to the supermarket ever once again. Making the drive, zigzagging throughout the shop to get what I require, waiting in line, bagging my things, awkwardly speed strolling it out to my cars and truck since I’m obviously constantly in a rush, and repeat that when, often two times, daily for practically 3 weeks? It makes an individual fall out of love rapidly.

Excellent news: there’s just 5 DAYS left till I am finished with my eCookbook and can stop going to the supermarket every day. Let’s commemorate with a sale!

Balsamic kale salad on a white plate.

So confession: I in fact truly like consuming this balsamic KALE salad, therefore does Bjork (!). It makes me feel excellent and delighted and fortunate to have the chance to consume such healthy food.