Vanilla Bean Millet Porridge with Strawberries

lavender // the first mess

vanilla bean millet porridge w/ lavender strawberries + super seeds {via The Homemade Flour Cookbook} // the first mess

We have actually had our reasonable share of rain and thunderstorms in these parts recently. It’s benefited setting the state of mind when establishing some dishes for fall and such, however more notably it’s produced some relaxing, extremely high quality early mornings. As soon as we enter into spring and summertime, my days of sit-down breakfasts immediately end. In some cases I like to spruce up a raw chia pudding or buckwheat porridge, however usually coffee/tea is simply great right now, and after that perhaps I’ll have a shake or some fruit (or a pastry, cuz in some cases you should) in the future. Something about the heat and umpteen million things to do outdoors pulling me far from those singular early minutes.

When I consider a conscious breakfast, I consider grains and gradually stirring them or soaking them prior to the entire procedure. Even my extremely fast early morning shakes include some soaked oats or raw buckwheat most times.

I seem like a lot of if not all of you recognize with Erin Alderson’s blog site, Naturally Ella, at this moment. Erin is a specialist at making tasty, vegetarian, entire food dishes feel friendly, and her brand-new book The Homemade Flour Cookbook is most definitely an extension of that. A book concentrated on making your own flour from grains, nuts, seeds and beans, and after that integrating that flour into your food was a difficult idea to me initially– I do not grind excessive of my own flour actually. Mainly chickpeas and oats if I’m gon na go there. However Erin makes some severe arguments for much better taste and nutrient worth throughout. She likewise information various paths for crushing flour in the house– consisting of a coffee mill strategy that’s within anybody’s reach.

My very first go was a sweet variation of her ground millet “polenta” for my re-established breakfast regimen and whoa! Seriously so excellent. I end up consuming mine mainly cold and still enjoyed it a lot. It’s type of wild to see a grain that you understand and like in a brand-new and tasty light. Her variation in the book is mouth-watering with chickpeas and a spicy tomato chutney.

I have actually constantly liked strawberries integrated in a baked excellent with cornmeal, and given that millet has a little bit of a corn-vibe, I understood this mix would work. The vanilla warms it up a bit and I simply actually delight in lavender with berries, so that got plucked from the yard right fast. Bonus offer: once I had the millet ground up (which wasn’t even a huge offer), this was all set in about 15 minutes. I’m likewise thinking about attempting her quinoa-crusted cauliflower steaks, hazelnut pumpkin muffins, and the zucchini and corn empanadas with spelt dough actually quickly.

The Homemade Flour Cookbook by Erin Alderson // the first mess

vanilla bean millet porridge w/ lavender strawberries + super seeds {via The Homemade Flour Cookbook} // the first mess

vanilla bean millet porridge w/ lavender strawberries + super seeds {via The Homemade Flour Cookbook} // the first mess

ground millet // the first mess

vanilla bean millet porridge w/ lavender strawberries + super seeds {via The Homemade Flour Cookbook} // the first mess

vanilla bean millet porridge w/ lavender strawberries + super seeds {via The Homemade Flour Cookbook} // the first mess

Print the dish here!
Gently adjusted from The Homemade Flour Cookbook
serves: 2
notes: I do not grind the millet all the method into flour since I choose to have actually some broken little bits of grain for texture.

lavender strawberries:
1 cup diced strawberries
1/2 tablespoon maple syrup (+ additional for serving if you like)
1-2 tsp lavender buds, squashed with your fingers

extremely seeds (makes additional!):
2 tablespoon chia seeds
2 tablespoon flax seeds
2 tablespoon sunflower seeds, toasted (or not)
2 tablespoon pumpkin seeds, toasted (or not)

millet porridge:
1/2 tablespoon coconut oil
1/2 tsp ground cinnamon or ground cardamom
1 cup unsweetened almond milk
1 cup filtered water
loaded 1/2 cup of ground millet (in a coffee mill, food mill or mixer)
1/2 tsp sea salt (I utilized expensive pink salt)
seeds scraped from a 1/3 vanilla bean OR 1/2 tsp extract/paste

Location the diced strawberries in a small-medium bowl and stir them up with the maple syrup and lavender buds. Reserve.

In a little bowl, mix together all of the seeds for the extremely seed mix and reserved.

Heat the coconut oil in a medium pan over medium heat. Include the ground cinnamon and stir it up till aromatic, about 30 seconds. You must have a cinnamon oil of sorts. Include the almond milk and water and stir. Bring the mix to a light boil, include the ground millet in addition to the salt and whisk. Continue to blend the mix as it cooks. Once it’s thickened as much as the consistency of polenta, pull it off the heat. Permit the millet porridge to sit for a minute, include the vanilla, and blend it once again gently and serve with lavender strawberries, extremely seeds and additional milk or maple syrup if you like.

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  • Millie l include A Little

    This is so stunning– I absoloutely like the method you provided it! Reply

  • Kathryn

    I like the concept of taking a couple of minutes of stillness at the start of the day and carrying that focus into a tasty bowl of goodness. Love your handle Erin’s dish and the lovely method you have actually brought it to life. Reply

  • Anne @AVeganAdventure

    This looks wonderful! I have actually simply begun having fun with making my own flours, so I’ll need to attempt this, and Erin’s cookbook too. I do not see the vanilla bean in the component list though. Is it contributed to the porridge or the strawberries? Either would be wonderful I think. Thanks! Reply

    • Laura Wright

      Anne! Thanks for discovering that. I’ll repair it up:-RRB- Reply

  • Anoushé

    Such lovely photos! I require to attempt this! Reply

  • Katie|Healthy Seasonal Recipes

    I am so motivated by your tranquil viewpoint. I like that you see making breakfast as an opportunity for mindfulness. So frequently I am so hectic multitasking through the breakfast hour I forget if I even had breakfast. It is simply the unclean frying pan on the range that verifies that I had it. Love this concept. I have actually just recently begun entering millet. It is a brand-new preferred grain here. Reply

  • Sheila

    You take lovely images:-RRB- Reply

  • Leah

    There is something actually soothing about simply relieving into the day and it is difficult to get encouraged to put a great deal of effort into breakfast and after that cleaning everything up. However this is inspiring me to do a little bit more breakfast cooking. Looks tasty! Stunning images! Reply

  • Abby @ The Frosted Vegan

    So so quite and stunning! I like that you catch the light and charm of the everyday. Your words on simply being are well heard, I required to check out that today! Reply

  • Lindsey

    I completely feel you on the being present/still idea! I am feeling that more than ever nowadays, specifically when you seem like it’s all moving too quick. i dream you all the very best moving into this brand-new, lovely season and can’t wait to see what you’re establishing for the fall! hugs + deep breaths! xo Reply

  • Ashley

    Your images are an artwork. There’s a lot life in them and they mirror your words completely. And this sentence … “Each week there are more things to do with brand-new obstacles, and in this season of life it seems like that idea has actually taken off times a thousand.” Your words are the ideas I have however can’t take into words.:-RRB— I’m type of in love with millet porridge and Erin’s book is such a winner! Gorgeous! Reply

  • Amy @ Parsley In My Teeth

    There is something about lavender that is extremely soothing and tranquil. Such a stroke of luster to include it to this tasty breakfast! Reply

  • lynsey// lynseylovesfood

    reading your posts are so soothing and stimulating all in one swoop!! Mindfulness + the requirement to go to the cooking area instantly all covered into one!! xo Reply

  • Grace

    I read your post all wide-eyed without blinking. These photos, the light, the words and your styling– all so spectacular! Reply

  • cheri

    I like Erin’s blog site will need to buy a copy of her book. Love what you finished with the millet, lovely photos. Reply

  • Libby

    I seem like if I were to take a photo of porridge, it would simply look absolutely unappetizing. However this is so stunning and lovely (as are all of your pictures).
    I have actually never ever utilized lavender or millet in my cooking area however your dishes constantly tend to pull me towards instructions that I have actually never ever taken in the past. I can’t wait to attempt it. It sounds genuinely tasty. Reply

  • Julia

    Laura, how do you grind the millet? Can I do it in an improvised method given that I do not have a coffee mill? Reply

    • Laura Wright

      Hello There Julia, you might definitely utilize a food mill or a mixer, if either of those choices is offered to you.
      – L Reply

  • Rose Citron

    Fantastic concept! I like millet, I need to attempt this porridge:-RRB- Reply

  • hannah

    Laura, I constantly discover your words and dishes are sooo in tune with what I am thinking/feeling/craving at any given minute. How amusing! And beautiful.
    The length of time did the millet take to prepare?
    h xx Reply

    • Laura Wright

      Hello There Hannah! I would state the millet took a great 10-12 mminutes to get to appropriate density, with relatively continuous whisking.
      – L Reply

  • Lisa @ Easy Pairings

    Love this! I’m a huge fan of wholesome meals like this. My present favorite is buckwheat, however your millet variation looks incredible, too. The strawberries make it look so appealing. I likewise like the ‘extremely seeds’ part! Reply

  • Jen from New Hippie Cooking Area

    Wow! What an excellent concept. I like polenta and this would be an excellent alternative to utilizing corn. Can’t wait to attempt it. Reply

  • Shelly @ Vegetarian ‘Ventures

    Isn’t ‘The Homemade Cookbook’ so terrific? It’s been rainy here and I have actually been delighting in snuggling up with some brand-new cookbooks too! This porridge you made is stunning as constantly! Reply

  • Irene @ {a swoonful of sugar}

    This is such a beautiful post! Now I’m simply passing away to get my hands on some edible lavender! Gorgeous flavour combinations:-RRB- Reply

  • Ida Skivenes

    I simply made this (topped with apricots and blueberries rather of the lavender strawberries though), it’s extremely simple and absolutely tasty. The only thing that puzzled me was where the vanilla bean can be found in? It’s pointed out in the title and even more up the text however not in the active ingredients or the guidelines. Nevertheless, I simply included some vanilla into the porridge as it was cooking and it worked fine. Thanks for an excellent brand-new dish for my breakfast collection!:-RRB- Reply

  • Alessandra

    You had me at lavender! Looks definitely fantastic as constantly! Reply

  • Sini|my blue & white cooking area

    This porridge is simply way too lovely. Definitely in love with this dish and these photos! Reply

  • Our Food Stories

    oh my … that looks SO tasty!! can you please send it over to berlin for breakfast;-RRB-
    laura & nora Reply

  • Susan

    too appealing not to attempt! Reply

  • Angela Brown

    Holy God … these photos are stunning! The 3rd in this post is merely lovely! Truly beautiful work! Reply

  • Tom

    Hey, this dish appearance fantastic, however I simply needed to know if I can utilize ground quinoa rather ground millet?!?! Have a great day …!!!!! Reply

    • Laura Wright

      Hey Tom, I have actually never ever attempted quinoa in this application, however I believe it deserves a shot. May have a little bit of a more powerful flavour profile than the millet– and it’ll certainly prepare quicker, which is a benefit. Let me understand if it works!
      – L Reply

  • Caitlin @ teaspoon

    I’m so fired up to attempt this! I simply discovered I dislike oats and eggs and a lot of gluten, so breakfast is a bit tough to state the least. Millet is all excellent though! Can’t wait to attempt it out. That cookbook sounds lovely remarkable too. Reply

  • Kate @ ¡ Hola! Jalapeño

    I have whatever to make this and now I can’t await breakfast! I’m constantly searching for brand-new methods to consume millet, I have actually discovered a space temperature salad is my preferred, however have actually never ever attempted it ground. Thanks! Reply

  • clp

    the photos are lovely and dishes sound fantastic. on this porridge: just how much cinnamon or cardamom? it simply states “1/2 ″ … thank you Reply

    • Laura Wright

      Hey clp, spruced up the dish to clarify. It’s a 1/2 teasoon of either ground cardamom or cinnamon. Thanks for finding that!
      – L Reply

  • Helen Lindenberg

    I discovered this dish just recently. I frequently consume buckwheat groat however I never ever had the concept to grind millet. It’s Amazing delicious and tasty. I consumed this Porridge for supper with Fresh rasberries. Reply

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