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Oh my word, you people. This might be– has actually been– is presently– a video game changer in our cumulative coffee lives. It fits anywhere and all over into your life since when something is so luxuriously velvety, nutty, and sweet with a bite of salt, how can it not be? For instance.

Holy velvety goodness. This is heaven-sent.

Cashew Coffee in two mugs.

About a year and a half back, I made a crucial discovery with a little bit of assistance from my pal aka therapist: possibly it’s for the very best if I do not consume coffee.

It is among those things you constantly consider, right? You constantly state that you must most likely begin cutting down on coffee, pop, caffeine, whatever … however for some individuals it’s not a lot a thing-would-be-nice-to-do thing and more of a this-is-really-important-for-my-overall-well-being example. I learnt in 2015 that I am that individual. Hi. Great to satisfy you.

I have some perfectionist, distressed, no chill propensities (gasp) and caffeine makes my brain WORSE, not much better. If I am currently a high-strung individual, caffeine simply takes the high-strung-ness to brand-new heights that must not be humanly experienced. When I stopped consuming coffee, or more properly, switched my default early morning coffee for the periodic decaf latte or Americano or– get this– MORE WATER, I discovered that my total wellness significantly leveled out. For those not knowledgeable about being continuously in overdrive, leveling out is a good idea. It implies calm. Typical. Eyes not bulging out of head, hair not standing on end, life not spinning extremely out of control.

So I do enjoy excellent coffee. Huge fan over here. I still attempt to keep away from routine coffee for big-picture health factors, however I enjoy a deep, dark, slightly velvety cup of decaf in the early morning. My 2 guidelines are that it needs to be excellent coffee, and it needs to be decaf.

This is where my cherished (decaf) coffee journey will now combine with an old, relied on pal: wrinkly, buttery, roasted cashews.

Cashews close up.

That’s right, I simply stated cashews. Here’s the trick that will open some early morning magic for you:

You can, in truth, BLEND CASHEWS INTO YOUR COFFEE and it will offer you the very best latte-like drink of your life.

What have I even been doing! This is hands-down the very best latte– er, coffee?– I have actually ever had. I enjoy the cashews both in theory (dairy complimentary, healthy fats, and so on) and in taste (gently sweet, nutty, therefore very velvety). And when you include a spoonful of honey and a pinch of sea salt? Video game over. Cashew coffee is going precisely no place. This is a brand-new level of coffee knowledge.

Coffee drips.

Hey Mama, take a look at me! VELVETY FOAM ON MY COFFEE. Made it in the house. By myself. NBD.

Woman pouring Cashew Coffee into a mug from a blender.

Did I discuss that there is no draining pipes or straining or nut milk bags or any such fussing with this? No thank you, ma’am.

For those who are interested in this advancement and are having visions of cashew pieces drifting in their coffee: I see you. I hear you. Let me soothe your distressed hearts.

If utilizing a high powered mixer (ideally Vitamix, Blendtec, or comparable), you must not have any difficulty with cashew pieces. I utilized both kinds of mixer and, with adequate blend-time, I never ever had any problems with flecks that troubled me. You can see a couple of tiiiiny small flecks of cashew on the side of the mixer in a few of these images, however it ought to be practically invisible when you consume it. Simply silky-smooth, luxe cashew latte texture. I do not even understand how it takes place, however the good news is my task isn’t to understand. My task is simply to inform you about it.

Cashew Coffee in a mug with foam on a spoon.

Okay, good friends. This might be a video game changer. TBH, I am so curious to see if you like it as much as I do. Bjork does not enjoy it– it tastes too cashewy for him, however I am ALL OVER IT. It is my brand-new early morning or afternoon “reward” coffee.

If you attempt it and like it– either leave a remark and a score, OR snap a photo and tag me on Instagram so I can see what you believe.

Cashew Coffee pouring into a mug.

And PS. if you’re high strung like me? A) We’re amazing, and B) decaf all the method.

Watch How To Make Our Cashew Coffee (30 Sec):

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A picture of Unbelievably Good Cashew Coffee

Incredibly Excellent Cashew Coffee

4.9 from 92 evaluations


The creamiest early morning coffee you have actually ever had! Made with simply coffee, cashews, honey, and sea salt.



  1. Mix all components for about 45 seconds in a high-powered mixer. Start on a lower speed and slowly work your method up, ending with about 15 seconds on an extremely high speed to make sure smooth and velvety texture.
  2. Pour into a mug and delight in, or chill for later (see notes)!


Notes about cold vs. hot cashew coffee: Cashews right out the bundle must mix simply great with hot coffee (although if you’re specific, simply provide an over night soak). If you wish to a COLD cashew coffee, you have 2 alternatives.

I utilized really coarse flaked sea salt in this coffee, so simply an advice that it may not be best to put 1/2 teaspoon of routine salt in the coffee! That will be way too salted. If utilizing salt, simply begin with a small pinch and taste and change from there.

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