3 Cheese Baked Ziti that is bubbly and browned, additional velvety, additional saucy, and extremely simple!

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You understand how often baked ziti is excellent, and often it’s REALLY excellent?

Today I wish to present you to a REALLY GOOD BAKED ZITI.

This dish has actually been checked and modified and enjoyed and feasted on sometimes over to get it ideal. And I believe we landed it. It’s very little. It’s bubbly and browned, additional velvety, additional saucy, with simply the best tastes and textures to make the entire thing into a baked pasta work of art.

It is simpleness at its finest: simply chewy noodles, a deeply flavored tomato sauce, the best mix of melted cheese, and a creaminess that cuts the tang of tomato sauce as it exudes into every bite.

Baked ziti in pan with spoon.

Does Baked Ziti Have Meat?

It depends.

Some dishes require ground meat in the tomato sauce, and you can definitely include that here if you desire. Nevertheless, I desired this to be a mostly-meatless baked ziti, so I avoided the ground meat.

We do have some pancetta in the sauce to offer it a little additional taste, however that might quickly be left out to make this a vegetarian baked ziti.

What About Ricotta Cheese?

Generally, yes.

In this dish, no.

Lots of people (including myself) discover that ricotta cheese that you purchase from the shop gets a little dry, crumbly, and– I’m sorry to state– gritty, once it gets baked in the oven in between all those pasta layers.

In all my screening and research study of the very best baked ziti dishes out there, I discovered that many dishes utilize among 3 alternatives for that middle creamy-cheesy layer.

I utilized mascarpone cheese as the middle creamy-cheesy layer in this baked ziti dish due to the fact that the texture is most luscious and velvety. And benefit– it’s incredibly simple. I include some taste to mine by salting it and grating a clove of fresh garlic in with it, and ooooooh yes. It is so excellent.

This is important for getting the very best possible velvety texture in between those cheese and noodle crevices, so do not avoid it!

What To Serve with Baked Ziti

Um, so thankful you asked.

This can completely base on its own as a meal which’s how I roll for real-life suppers in your home. However if you’re trying to find something to round this out into a more multi-dimensional meal or impress buddies with a complete blown supper celebration spread, you might attempt:

Baked ziti in a bowl.

Whether you complete this off with some broken black pepper, fresh basil ribbons, or a swish of garlic oil, this melted cheesy, tomato sauce-y, completely velvety baked ziti paradise awaits you.

Take A Look At Our Video For How To Make 3 Cheese Baked Ziti:

Click on this link to see the detailed web story guidelines for this dish!

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The large rustic bowl of cheesy tomato sauce ziti.

3 Cheese Baked Ziti

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3 Cheese Baked Ziti that is bubbly and browned, additional velvety, additional saucy, and extremely simple with NO RICOTTA! A baked pasta work of art.


The Sauce

The Baked Ziti


  1. Sauce: Heat olive oil in a big pot over medium high heat. Include pancetta and sauté till somewhat crisped, about 5 minutes. Include onion and garlic; turn heat down and sauté for 5 minutes. Include red pepper flakes and tomato paste; sauté for 2 minutes. Include tomato sauce, crushed tomatoes, and salt. Simmer for 20-30 minutes.
  2. Ziti: Prepare ziti according to package instructions. Toss with about 2 thirds of the pasta sauce. Reserve staying 2-or-so cups of sauce.
  3. Mascarpone: Mix mascarpone with grated garlic and a pinch of salt.
  4. Layering: Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Transfer half of the pasta to a 9 × 13 baking meal. Spoon the mascarpone over the top in little blobs. Cover with half of the mozzarella and half of the provolone. Cover with about a cup of sauce. Transfer the remainder of the saucy ziti on top of your cheese layer. End up with staying mozzarella, provolone, and spoon the staying sauce around on top for prettiness.
  5. Bake: Bake for 20 minutes till warm, scrumptious, molten-cheesy, and bubbly. Leading with some parmesan, fresh basil, or newly broken black pepper to be a baked ziti super star.

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