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BLUEBERRY MACA “MILK” Well hey there! I hope everybody is settling into the weekend with a calm and bright outlook. We’re expected to get some snow here, which type of seems like a harsh April fool’s joke, however it’ll produce some good and relaxing nesting minutes. I intend on doing some major cleansing … Read more

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My Excellent Energy Beverage with Maca

My Excellent Energy Beverage with Maca The conversation of poutine turned up at work the other night due to the fact that, yep, there was poutine for personnel meal (and a huge salad!). My colleague was informing me how she had actually stated a story to some schoolmates at the yoga studio that … Read more

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Vegan Maca Caramel Frap

Vegan Maca Caramel Frap Vegan maca caramel frap is incredibly luscious with just dates and banana utilized as sweetener. Cold brew coffee, healthy fats, and vanilla, so great! Our location has actually been a building and construction zone for the recently or more! Having individuals at your location making loud sounds all the … Read more

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