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5 Minute Mixer Enchilada Sauce

this dish Quick and easy sauce, fast and simple post. I utilize this sauce or comparable variations of it in a lot of dishes– it’s absolutely time for this little life hack to get its own area as a genuine dish on this here blog site. I much better start with the disclaimer … Read more

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Mixer Lemon Pie

Mixer Lemon Pie! Eggs, butter, sugar, and an ENTIRE LEMON combined up and put into a crust. Springy, custardy, easy lemon magic. this dish This is not simply lemon pie, all right? This is mixer lemon pie and it is for individuals who are truthfully simply too lazy to make pie. Eggs, butter, … Read more

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Mixer Oatmeal Pancakes

How about some pancakes? Like, today? These are the simplest pancakes I have actually ever made due to the fact that they come together in the mixer! Now you can take pleasure in pancakes on a weekday early morning. Plus, these pancakes are made with healthy entire grains– oats– and other wholesome active … Read more

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