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{Initially, some unfortunate news. There was a significant earthquake in Cebu on Tuesday.

While the kids and employees at CSC are safe, there are numerous individuals in this familiar-to-me corner of the Philippines that require assistance to recuperate and restore. I so value your determination to think about assisting the Kid’s Shelter of Cebu as they serve individuals with catastrophe action.

That photo above is one that a good friend of mine took the other day outside the healthcare facility where she is a physician in Cebu. These individuals need treatment and uncertain of whether their health centers will securely hold them so they have actually been displaced to the surrounding location beyond the healthcare facility. This is simply one example of the turmoil in Cebu today. It’s raw and it’s genuine.

THANKS for your ideas, prayers, and basic take care of this part of the world and these valuable kids. I have actually gotten lots of kind e-mails inquiring about the security of the kids throughout the last couple of days, which simply makes me seem like all of us actually understand each other and appreciate the exact same things. ♥ You all are fantastic. I’m leaving my routine dish post up today, which feels a little unusual, however it’s with the hope that I can shine some light and delight on yet another piece of this nation even in the middle of chaos.}

Maja in a pot.

MA-HA. That’s how you state the name of this Sugary food Corn Maja delicious little dessert that is the much better cousin of Jell-O.

It’s really not Jell-O at all. If you have a coconut tree right outside, then maja is fresh velvety coconut gelatinous little squares studded with nibs of sweet corn, which, BTW, is among the crops that the island of Cebu is understood for. Pleasantly fitting.

Like much of the Filipino dishes from the Kid’s Shelter of Cebu that I’m sharing here, this was among the more popular menu products at kids’ birthday celebrations at the orphanage throughout the year. The aunties need to actually like those kiddos due to the fact that they ‘d dominate a pot of bubbling coconut milk on the planet’s most popular cooking area as it thickened, and thickened, and thickened. Annnd thickened. When I saw them make this, Auntie E would keep raising the spoon out of the pot and snapping it pull back to check the consistency of the maja as it leaked off the spoon. It was the sort of movement that might put you in a hypnotic trance: stir, flick. stir, flick. stir, flick.

Maja recipe on a piece of paper.

I made this at the cabin with my household this summer season for our Filipino banquet night which likewise occurred to be my moms and dads’ 25 wedding event anniversary. My siblings and sibling matured in the Philippines and lived at CSC for a couple of years prior to joining our household, the very first words out of my bro’s mouth when he bit into the maja: “You have no concept how excellent this is when you have not had it in 5 years.”

On that exact same line of idea, I simply got an e-mail from a reader the other day that she has actually wished to prepare Filipino food for her kids who were embraced from the Philippines, however her kids are too young to articulate what sort of Filipino food they like. She stated that these dishes were assisting her kids keep in mind and have the ability to explain the sort of Filipino food they liked due to the fact that of all the photos, and I smiled like a fool for the remainder of the day.

These dishes have actually constantly been planned to construct bridges and open doors, and seeing that occur and even in my own household is simply The very best.

Maja in a pot.
Maja in a pot.
Maja in a pan.

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A picture of Sweet Corn Maja

Sugary Food Corn Maja

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A Filipino dessert called Maja which contains sweet corn with a velvety coconut milk base. Dish from the orphanage that I operated at for a year!



  1. Mix all active ingredients and move to a big pot. Bring the mix to a low boil over medium heat, stirring constantly, up until the mix starts to thicken and bubble. Let the mix simmer for about thirty minutes.
  2. When the mix holds on to the spoon and no longer leaks, transfer to a 9 × 13 pan. (You need to not require to oil the pan.) Enable the mix to come to space temperature level. Chill in the fridge for a minimum of thirty minutes or up until set. Cut into squares and serve cold or at space temperature level.


The component quantities are a little unusual, for instance, 3 ounces of vaporized milk. I attempted to take precisely what the aunties did and scale it down for the typical cook because the majority of us do not prepare for 30 kids at a time. Sorry for the uncomfortable quantities. Alternative routine milk in a pinch!

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