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Shout out to our buddies at DeLallo for formulating the extraordinary sauce and entire wheat oven all set noodles that MAKE this lasagna– and for sponsoring this post!

Ohhhk yuhssssss.

It’s simply, like, method too apparent, however my love for this runs out control.

The sensations I have for this Super Easy One Pot Lasagna dish– likewise referred to as Pot o’ Saucy Noodles with Cheese-Melted Goodness– are SO HUGE. And I’m quite sure that I’m not even irritating with just how much I like it today. Me? Frustrating with a love for food? uhh hi? never ever.

2 bites into his enormous bowl of lasagna leftovers (it’s a food blog writer’s life for us), I believe Bjork almost passed away with old-school lasagna joy. Look, honey! It’s got excellent, stringy blobs of cheese! It’s not loaded with odd veggies! THERE’S MEAT!

I suggest, we (ehhmm, I) like froofroo lasagna, however this is not the day for my next food blog writer ingredient-bomb lasagna with 800 kinds of roasted veggies and 5 incredibly costly cheeses.

No no, buddies.

This is SUPER EASY ONE POT LASAGNA. Which’s simply all there is to it.

How To Make Our One Pot Lasagna (1 MINUTES 10 SEC):

Lasagna on a spoon.

There’s most certainly a lasagna story with this dish.

The story begins with me thinking about excellent concepts for a dish and tingling about lasagna rolls// purchasing components to make lasagna rolls// feeling actually incredibly BLEH about boiling noodles, and making filling, and ROLLING SAUCE INTO NOODLES while attempting to not make an impressive mess.

Charming, however lem me believe for 2 seconds: no.

The lasagna story continues with me feeling a lot much better about dumping my putsy lasagna roll concept and simply going directly for the items by disposing my previously lasagna roll components (bolognese! noodles! cheese!) into a big pot, and baking everything till bubbly and best, and consuming substantial untidy pieces right out of the pot with a wood spoon.

Other than I never ever did that everrrr.


The story ends with me recognizing I privately like this kind of untidy, saucy lasagna// privately feeling worried to share the pasta-cheese mess on the web// however understanding that individuals like excellent food, and THIS IS GREAT FOOD, therefore the world requires this lasagna-mess-ness to exist.

The story likewise consists of a SnapChat dish video and Sage’s approval.

Dog looking at food.
Ground beef in a dutch oven with a wooden spoon.
Delallo jar.
Lasagna in a red dutch oven with a wooden spoon.

Moral of the story: laziness is a virtue that results in one pot lasagnas? Yes. That’s completely it.

2nd ethical of the story: if you like yourself, and you like excellent food, you need to constantly keep a couple of containers of DeLallo Pomodoro Fresco tomato sauce on hand.

I am advising the DeLallo Pomodoro Fresco sauces in this dish due to the fact that a) dem sauces taste actually, actually excellent, like, I do not even actually wish to make my own sauce due to the fact that they’re that excellent, b) they’re all set to utilize! no work! repeat: no work. and c) there are simply 7 regular, basic components in them which is ending up being increasingly more crucial to me nowadays.

This is the active ingredient list from the Tomato Basil sauce–

  1. Italian Plum Tomatoes
  2. Bonus Virgin Olive Oil
  3. Crushed Tomatoes
  4. Onions
  5. Carrots
  6. Basil
  7. Salt

Stunning. Reward: I spy no additional sugar.

As an individual who is attempting attempting attempting to be more knowledgeable about what they consume and prevent the incredibly processed things and likewise acknowledge REALITY IS REAL, having such a high quality shop purchased tomato sauce on hand is a should for me.

Due To The Fact That– > this waits for. ♡ State no more.

Lasagna in a red dutch oven with a wooden spoon.

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Super Easy One Pot Lasagna in a dutch oven.

Super Easy One Pot Lasagna

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This Incredibly Easy One Pot Lasagna utilizes basic components and can be made all in one pot! With hamburger, tomato sauce, and fresh Mozzarella cheese.




  1. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. In a big ovenproof frying pan, brown the bacon till crispy. Include the shallots and carrot; saute for 5 minutes or till soft and aromatic. Include the hamburger with salt and pepper and brown till no longer pink. Drain pipes off all the excess grease.
  2. Include the tomato sauce and red wine to the meat in the frying pan. Simmer for 10 minutes over medium low heat. Stir in the cream cheese till melted.
  3. Break each of the lasagna noodles into 3 or 4 pieces. Stir them into the meat mix so they are entirely covered in sauce, and organize them so that they are all laying flat in the pan.
  4. Tuck a couple of pieces of fresh mozzarella beneath and in between the noodles, and position the staying pieces of fresh mozzarella on top. Bake for 25 minutes. If you wish to brown the cheese, turn the warm up to 425 for an extra 10 minutes.
  5. Let mean 5-10 minutes and leading with fresh basil and Parmesan cheese.

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Thank you once again to DeLallo for sponsoring this post!

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