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It’s Gumbo Tiiiime!

Welcome to the part in the story where you begin making things like GUMBO on the weekend due to the fact that you are a fan of hot things and due to the fact that you are beginning to deal with being well-prepared for a week’s worth of meals. Spicy, velvety, made-from-scratch, slow-simmered gumbo’s got your back and you will be much better due to the fact that of it.

In this huge collection of a gumbo bowl, we have actually got:

All of that served over a stack of steamy rice– if you’re going for the gold, healthy wild rice or quinoa is tasty, too– and topped with some little micro greens or sautéed spinach.

You may too simply go on and open a dining establishment in your home today.

Gumbo shrimp with rice in a bowl with a spoon.

Gumbo is type of a strange dish for me to be making on Pinch of Yum, however honestly, Pinch of Yum usually revolts versus any of my pre-planned dish concepts and appears to glob on to the more scrappy, last minute ones. Which is how we discover ourselves here with a huge bowl of gumbo in front of us. Not even grumbling.

The very first time I had gumbo was when we went to New Orleans in 2015. Er, I believe I had it? I can’t even keep in mind. I understand I had étouffée– how comparable are these things? Somebody please inform me, and by inform I absolutely do imply purchase me a ticket back to New Orleans so I can consume my method to such high levels of understanding.

We were commemorating birthdays with my household a couple of weeks ago when my mama raised the cover on her soup pot and stirred something incredibly delicious-looking and informed me it was gumbo. GUMBO, you state? I peered in at this big pot of liquid gold scenario and idea: I understand absolutely nothing abut this// I MUST MAKE THIS. I questioned mama about how she made it, studied her printed-off dish (s/o to Food Network), and after that, a couple of days later on when I could not hold myself back any longer, I made my own variation of gumbo right in my extremely own kitchen area.

Mirepoix and Vegetables for the Gumbo.
Gumbo shrimp in a bowl with a spoon.

Here’s the important things– I am not from the South (this is where they consume gumbo, right? omg I’m so sorry that I’m this awkward) and I did not follow any sort of stringent anything aside from my starving stomach in order to make this * real * gumbo therefore I’m so extremely sorry if I’m angering any perfectionists here.

What I did: reflected to mama’s printed-off dish, thought of what I desired in my gumbo, surveyed the Snapchat audience for assistance on the does-gumbo-need-okra concern (y’ all state no), and after that simply went all out.

Close up shrimp and rice.

Shrimp and rice in a bowl with a spoon.

We’re coming for you, Gumbo!

I’m calling this WEEKEND gumbo due to the fact that a) it’s more intriguing, and b) it actually desires you to make it on the weekend.

This man is going to be a present that continues providing as soon as you have actually actually let all those tastes get pleased together. And good friends. That does not occur in thirty minutes in between a fast journey to the health club and your nighty binge of Netflix.

No, this is one for a lazy Sunday afternoon.

We’re speaking about gradually cutting up all the veggies and letting things simmer for an excellent hour or two, and perhaps even keeping the entire pot on low for another hour later on as soon as the roux, andouille, and shrimp have actually been included since that andouille actually loads a taste punch, and after that leaving whatever a bit longer in the refrigerator so it’s all set for future lunch/ supper/ freezer meal awesomeness throughout the week and simply totally overwhelmed with tasty, slow-simmered weekend taste. It’s the only method we do things, right?

I can smell your weekend home today and it is truly GREAT.

Shrimp and rice on a napkin with a spoon in a bowl.

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Spicy Gumbo in a bowl with rice.

The Very Best Spicy Weekend Gumbo + Wild Rice

4.8 from 26 evaluations


Spicy Weekend Gumbo– familiar active ingredients like garlic, carrots, celery, onion, tomatoes, flour, butter, shrimp// simmered for an hour or 2 on the weekend to produce amazing meals all week!

Active Ingredients

For the Base:

For the Roux:


  1. VEGGIES: Heat the oil in a huge, deep pot over medium heat. Include the garlic, hot peppers, mirepoix, and veggies. Saute for 10 minutes or two up until it’s all soft and aromatic.
  2. BASE: Include the tomatoes, broth, and spices. Give a low boil; lower heat and simmer for an hour or two for the very best taste.
  3. ROUX: Melt the butter over medium heat. Include the flour and let everything bubble in the pan for a couple of minutes. Include the milk or broth a bit at a time, blending to include it and make it smooth. Season with salt.
  4. SURFACE: Include the roux to the gumbo pot and stir to integrate. Simmer for a little longer over low heat or simply let it all hang out for a while to assist the taste establish. Stir in the sausage and raw shrimp. When shrimp is pink (totally prepared), stir in a handful of chives and serve over wild rice, red quinoa, white rice, or simply by itself. It’s that excellent. Keep in mind: make certain to season with salt! This will differ per private dish based upon your cajun spices mix.


* Mirepoix: This is simply an expensive name for diced onion/ celery/ carrots– you can cut up your own or purchase it currently sliced and combined for additional time-saving.

* Other veggies– I made ours with and without. You might utilize okra, sweet potato, bell peppers …

* Cajun spices: A pre-made mix works excellent. This is an excellent one– it does not have MSG. Otherwise you can make your own quickly with kitchen spices. If your mix does NOT have salt, make certain to season with salt kindly at the end!

* Sausage: Any brand name works, however Aidells is my preferred due to the fact that 1) it’s cleaner than the majority of– no odd active ingredients, and 2) it loads the HEAT.

If you include the shrimp prematurely in the cooking procedure, it diminishes up into small little shrimpy-things that get actually hard. Do not do that.

This makes terrific leftovers which is why I consider it a best weekend dish! I saved leftovers in the refrigerator for a couple of days, however it freezes well too.

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Suggestion: Thanks for all your suggestions and proficiency in the remarks. Simply as a friendly pointer, this dish is my take on gumbo and it is not always expected to be standard or genuine. I utilized a velvety butter/ flour/ milk roux mix to make it a bit velvety, and I did not utilize okra, and I utilized a chicken andouille sausage, and so on and so on. Not standard, I understand, I understand, and it’s completely TASTY! I hope you like it!

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