Rhubarb Fool with Coconut Cream & Pistachios

Cut one hot pink stalk. Dip the fresh-cut end into a bowl of sugar and take a bite. There’s a preliminary wet, crunch experience, comparable to celery, with a bit more heft. Then it begins: the eyes start to recoil immediately, cheeks absorbing, minor head tilt to absorb everything. There’s a little happy, granular shock of sweet sugar prior to the tongue go back to the roofing of the month, attempting to lessen the effect again prior to it’s over. Sour. Wonderfully, face-suckingly sour. The crunch, the apparent colour, the flavour unlike anything else in the plant world: an instant fresh fruit impression with a thick, and heady sourness that withstands all type of sweet. It declines to go silently; not under a passionate dip in sugar, a thick blanket of oat collapse, buttery pastry, or eggy custard warm with tropical vanilla. Rhubarb stays with its strong character undamaged. It is such a distinct, natural treasure to see in spring when deep pink crowns of it emerge in yards, as if over night.

A fruit fool is a rustically quite, non-fussy, incredibly English dessert (it goes back to the 16th century!). It really merely includes sweetened and stewed/cooked and pureed fruit with whipped 35% cream and generally a little crunchy/biscuit-y something for textural contrast. The very first time I saw one was years earlier in this stunning book by Jamie Oliver. Simply the large name of it was contacting us to me. A quick rhubarb fool. Pull it out of the garden, toss it together, sliced rhubarb and vanilla bean in the pot, whip the cream, delicately fold fold fold; all on a lark. Homey, charmingly awkward, beautiful pink and reassuring.

I went a relatively non-traditional path with the cream element, subbing cooled and whipped coconut milk (preferred thing today) with honey and vanilla bean. Considering that I went a bit insane because regard, I believed I would work some cardamom, ginger and orange into the rhubarb itself. A wonderful scattering of pistachios on the top brings this unique reward cycle. The rhubarb never ever conceals under everything. A look at the stunning pink contrast, little sour pinch on your tongue to state hey there. It’s ideal for grey spring days, something to savour now and keep as a pointer of the treasures to come while you sink your feet into the green turf and draw your cheeks together.

vegan rhubarb fool with coconut cream and pistachios - The First Mess
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NOTES: When you’re drawing out the leading “cream” layer from the can of coconut milk, be additional cautious to not get any of the coconut water with your spoon. Some sliced strawberries would be a beautiful addition to the compote if they’re readily available in your location. Fallen apart ginger snaps would be a great topping/garnish alternative rather of pistachios.

1 pound rhubarb, pink and light pink parts sliced
juice of 1 orange
1/4 cup agave nectar or raw honey, maple syrup etc. (or more if you like, I went sort of tart here)
1/2 tsp ground cardamom
1/2 inch fresh ginger, peeled and carefully grated

2 cans complete fat coconut milk, cooled over night
3 tablespoon maple syrup or powdered sugar
1/2 vanilla bean, seeds eliminated– or 1/2 tsp vanilla extract

handful of roasted pistachios, shelled and sliced (optional)

Integrate the sliced rhubarb, orange juice, agave nectar, cardamom and ginger in a big saute pan over medium heat. Give a boil. Simmer the mix up until the rhubarb begins breaking down and the consistency is somewhat jammy and compote-like, about 15 minutes. Reserve to cool entirely.

Make the cream: Eliminate the leading layer of strong cream from the cans of coconut milk, thoroughly preventing the water at the bottom of the can (reserve this for healthy smoothies). Location the cream into a little bowl. Include the maple syrup/powdered sugar and vanilla bean seeds. Combine with a hand mixer on medium-high speed, stopping and scraping down occasionally. Mix up until a gently stiff, whipped cream-like consistency is accomplished. Wrap and reserved in the refrigerator up until you’re prepared to utilize it.

To serve: Location about half a cup of the cooled rhubarb compote in each serving meal. Leading each rhubarb fool with a dollop of the vanilla coconut cream and a spray of pistachios.

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  • Kasey

    Though I’m everything about my sugary foods, I occur to like that tart, puckery experience connected with biting into rhubarb. This is where the Brits truly understand how to live! Beautiful, beautiful. Reply

  • Maria @ Scandifoodie

    I looooove rhubarb! And I in fact like the sourness of it. This sounds definitely tasty! Reply

  • Cookie and Kate

    I have actually never ever tasted fresh rhubarb or attempted a fool, however I’m offered on the concept of both now that I have actually read your post. I like sour things, cause the sour! Reply

  • Shanna|FoodLovesWriting.com

    That initially paragraph is killer, such an ideal description of the taste of rhubarb. Perfectly composed! Reply

  • fall

    I like fools! This kind, not the regrettable human kind. And I have actually been wishing to attempt the refrigerate/whip coconut whipped cream approach, this is an ideal reason! Looks charming. Reply

  • Katrina @ Warm Vanilla Sugar

    Oh my, I simply like rhubarb! This looks wonderful! Reply

  • sarah

    This looks wonderful! All type of goodness going on here. I made coconut milk whipped cream for the very first time just recently and liked it a lot. And I’m smitten with those last 2 images. I like spoons and action shots. Reply

  • sarah @ 2 tarts

    This sounds & looks so tasty. I have a remaining can of coconut milk in the refrigerator and rhubarb growing in my lawn. If I get a burst of energy later on today, and I hope I do, I prepare to consume this for dessert tonight!:-RRB- Reply

  • Sarah

    I like an excellent fool (haha). Rhubarb is fantastic, too– like the excess of it this time of year. Reply

  • kale

    2nd rhubarb fool I have actually seen today. Both make me wish to make this today!! Reply

  • Denise|Chez Danisse

    I can not appear to get adequate rhubarb and this appears like a great mix of tastes and textures. I’m particularly interested by the coconut cream and roasted pistachios. Reply

  • Angelie

    Looks yummi! I’m gon na make this tonight– it’s gon na be fantastic:D makes it simple and pleasing to be lactose intolerant;-RRB- Reply

  • Veronica

    Hello There Laura,

    I have actually simply discovered your website. Being a fan of great food, cooking, photography and all things healthy I need to praise you on your terrific dishes and remarkable images.

    Today is one to treasure here in Melbourne where we frequently have 4 seasons in one day. However today is an ideal spring day with clear skies and the odor of flowers and freshly cut lawns wafting in through my front door on such a mild breeze.

    It was an ideal day to delight in a relaxing lunch on the verandah, roasted veggies from the farmers market with rosemary polenta and roasted tomato relish.

    BUT, the reward of the day was your Rhubarb Fool with Vanilla Coconut Cream. Oh, my goodness, what a taste experience. Both my partner and I didn’t desire this dessert to end. Thank goodness there is some left for tomorrow!! It will be my next dessert for a supper celebration. Thank you. Reply

  • Karen

    As billed incredibly simple and tasty! Mine had a little excessive liquid. It would be useful to define the quantity of orange juice. Reply

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