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Huge concern today: Do you people like drinking green things? Just like the chicken skin, green healthy smoothies are a love-hate kinda food for me where primarily I enjoy it and I just truly dislike it since of the name. I suggest, who truly longs for something called a GREEN healthy smoothie? Blehbeddebleh.

Okay, I mock, however I do yearn for green healthy smoothies. I specifically longed for green healthy smoothies today after a prolonged weekend of pizza-scotcheroo-Chex Mix-pizza-burger-pizza consuming while on trip in the Wisconsin Dells. So as you take in this elegant quad-photo of the healthy peach green healthy smoothie active ingredients, simply bear in mind that you understand the fact about the REAL me: that as a 27 years of age without kids, I trip in the Wisconsin Dells. Heyyy.

Peaches, water, ginger, and spinach.

Here’s what I discovered today about green healthy smoothies. They can be scrumptious … with no yogurt. Let me think. You’re believing, why would you desire yogurt with your green healthy smoothie to start with? I do not understand, I have actually constantly consisted of yogurt or at least, a banana, in my green healthy smoothies, since something about consuming a healthy smoothie base made from simply spinach and ice and water makes me toss up a bit in my mouth. And now you can evaluate me a 2nd time for being simply a phony green healthy smoothie drinker. I never ever stated green JUICE, all right?

How-ev-er. Frozen peaches in a mixer are totally and entirely gorgeous. They develop a best slushy-sweet sort of base for including spinach, and what you’re entrusted to in the end is less heavy velvety healthy smoothie, and more healthy smoothie juice that’s simply a little bit velvety. I copied my mother-in-law who made this for us at breakfast and included a fresh peach to the mix. The peel from the fresh peach includes little polka dots of color (oh hey enjoyable) and keeps the texture fascinating.

Peach green smoothie in a blender.

This peach green healthy smoothie reallyreally simple to make, SUPER healthy which fresh ginger in there will 1) make your hands smell great and 2) make your tastebuds pleased. Wowzer. My mouth simply likes these Peach Green Smoothies, and my pizza-loving modify ego takes pride in this thing I’m dealing with called balance. Wins for everybody!

On an unassociated note, I’m attempting a brand-new background fer my fotos. It’s not truly apparent or anything, right?

Peach green smoothies in glasses.

… simply joking. It’s an overall modification. What do you believe– does it look tidy and great? or does it injure your eyes? I sort of like it up until I begin missing my old scratched graffitied wood boards. I suggest, I still have them, they’re simply being in the other space, however you understand what I’m stating.

Hey? Make it a green healthy smoothie day. Or bookmark for Monday after your weekend of summertime trip consuming. I completely support you in any case.

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Peach Green Smoothie

Peach Green Shake

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This easy peach green healthy smoothie has actually frozen and fresh peaches, honey, ginger, and spinach. Super healthy therefore rejuvenating.

Active Ingredients


  1. Mix the frozen peaches, spinach, peach, water, and ginger up until extremely smooth and homogenous in color. Include 1/4 cup water if required to keep the mix moving efficiently through the mixer.
  2. Include the honey, mix, and taste. Change as needed (include more ginger, more honey, more water, and so on). Serve instantly.

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