Life-altering Homemade Oreos that are soft, buttery, damp, completely thick chocolate cookies packed with cream cheese icing. SO GOOD.

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Hey There! Let’s discuss something that is charmingly traditional and likewise really ALARMINGLY TASTY:

Homemade Oreos.

This is essential to state right off the bat: there’s no crispy cookie and no dry icing here. We’re simply obtaining the principle of all Oreo layering however switching the dry things for a soft, buttery, damp, completely thick little chocolate cookie packed with cream cheese icing. Oh my word they’re so excellent. They’re a simple vacation baking win, giftable, party-able, and an overall present to mankind.

It feels incorrect and unholy to state these are much better than genuine Oreos however truthfully, these are much better than genuine Oreos.

Offer me a soft, damp, cakey-meets-fudgy-meets-cream-cheese-frosting scenario over a dry cookie any day. Or every day.

Cocoa powder, vanilla, butter, cream cheese, flour, and eggs on a counter top.

State Hey There To Boxed Cake Mix (Yes)

Okay. Now. Please accept that this is a dish which utilizes a boxed cake mix. If you require something more homemade than that, you’ll require to discover another variation on the web.

This is traditional, and traditional suggests we utilize package cake mix like the low-to-moderately enthusiastic house bakers that we are.


Ingredients in clear bowl.

A Fudgy, Thick, Buttery Wonder

What arises from this mind-bendingly simple mix of components is absolutely nothing except a vacation wonder. Bless you, Homemade Oreos.

The fudgy cookie, the thick swirl of cream cheese icing, the thick, soft, buttery texture of all of it together after cooling in the refrigerator (or resting on your snow-covered Midwestern patio) for a couple of days is a particular brand name of happy minute that I wait all year for.

Placed on the comfortable sweatshirt, get a mug of milk, or eggnog, or hot dark coffee (omg), and let the magic loose.

Homemade oreo cut in half.

Watch How To Make This Dish:

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More Old-School Dessert Gems

Offer all of us the retro baked items and desserts (like excellent Midwesterners). Some other favs from the blog site:

The sweet mother of the household that I babysat for in high school utilized to make these, which is why I’m calling these traditional. ♡ At some point in the early 2000s, I got the dish from her and after that offered it to my mother who went on to make these for all our swim satisfies. To this day, I have good friends who make these every year as a Christmas cookie (myself typically amongst them). They’re incredibly standard, charmingly traditional, and precariously excellent.

Typical Concerns About Homemade Oreos

How do I serve these?

You can serve these at space temperature level for a softer cookie or directly from the refrigerator for a more thick cookie.

I can’t discover Devil’s Food cake mix. What can I utilize rather?

Any brand name of boxed chocolate cake mix must work as a replacement.

Do these freeze well?

The cookies will freeze well, however we ‘d suggest making the icing fresh.

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A picture of Old School Homemade Oreos

Traditional Homemade Oreos

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Life-altering Homemade Oreos that are soft, buttery, damp, completely thick chocolate cookies packed with cream cheese icing. SO GOOD.





  1. Beat cookie components together with an electrical mixer till integrated.
  2. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Roll into little a couple of tablespoon balls. Put on a flat pan. ( Chill the dough for about thirty minutes if it’s too soft to roll.)
  3. Bake for 8 minutes. Get rid of and enable to cool.
  4. Beat icing components together with an electrical mixer. Utilizing a plastic bag with completion cut off, or a pastry bag, pipeline a swirl of icing onto one cookie and carefully push a same-size cookie on top. Voila! Shop in the fridge– or on your cold patio if you reside in Minnesota!


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