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Let’s be truthful here.

I am sitting at the studio taking a look at this beautiful memory of a meal from recently, pretending like I have myself assembled which I’m going to compose a great, thoughtful post about just how much I enjoy these kale and chicken quinoa bowls with marinaded kale WHICH I DO LOVE SO QUITE.


Thinking about the following:

… I believe I may be much better of simply coming tidy with you and simply confessing that today is everything about playing e-mail capture up, drinking on an additional coffee, getting my lion’s hair of hair formally untangled, and discovering my method back into simple + tasty + tidy post-weekend-trip food.

I indicate, if I might simply consume A SINGLE veggie today and possibly use something semi-clean, I ‘d be winning.

You’re feeling Monday too? In the not-best-possible method? Feature me, pals. I desire you alllll aboard this tasty train.

bowl with kale, chicken, quinoa and sun dried tomatoes with a fork and jar of sauce

This bowl is whatever tidy consuming ought to be: healthy, complete of taste, multi-textured, gratifying, vibrant, and well-rounded delighted. That’s due to the fact that it’s packed with experienced quinoa, lemony chicken, and the wonderful thing called marinaded kale which is in fact, um, similar to it sounds. Marinated Kale. Mind blown, right? Likewise– you understand there’s got ta be an avocado half on that bowl due to the fact that veggies, and do not believe for a 2nd that we are going sauceless. Load it up with that sun dried tomato sauce, men. Simply pack it up.

It comes together rapidly, it’s actually quite to take a look at, and it’s versatile to whatever active ingredients you have on hand– > I simply got a flash vision of grilled asparagus on top of this which is not seasonal in this starving minute, however possibly somebody will occur to discover this in the summertime at some point and have the ability to utilize that twinkle of an excellent concept — it resembles a dish message in a bottle for somebody in a better summer location.

Supper tonight! I’m believing this rainbow bowl + you, me, Ben, and all the best factors. I didn’t simply state that tho.

Power to the Monday!

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Kale and Chicken bowls with avocado and sauce.

Marinated Kale and Chicken Bowls with Sun Dried Tomato Sauce

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Marinated Kale and Chicken Quinoa Bowl with Sun Dried Tomato Sauce! This dish is tidy, basic, and healthy!

Active Ingredients


For the Bowls

For the Sun Dried Tomato Sauce:


  1. MARINATE: Blend the marinade active ingredients together. Cut the kale. Marinade the chicken and the kale (different bags, please!) in the marinade sauce in the refrigerator. In regards to timing, your best option is to let the kale go overnight, however the chicken does not require rather as long– the lemon juice begins to tinker the texture after a while, so if you can, pursue thirty minutes to 2 hours of marinading with the chicken.
  2. COOK CHICKEN: Location a nonstick pan over medium high heat. Include the chicken and saute up until golden brown on both sides and prepared through. Let stand a couple of minutes prior to cutting.
  3. QUINOA: Prepare the quinoa according to package instructions. When the quinoa is done, stir 1/2 cup of the sauce throughout to disperse.
  4. SUN DRIED TOMATO SAUCE: While the quinoa cooks, make the tomato sauce by pulsing whatever together in a food mill (include almonds last to protect a bit of crunchiness).
  5. SERVING: To serve, fill bowls with quinoa, kale, chicken, avocado, and sun dried tomato sauce. Leading with sesame seeds, red pepper flakes, olive oil, or anything else you desire due to the fact that it’s a totally free nation and food is tasty!


In the images I’m utilizing child kale however I actually choose this with routine kale– child kale begins to go soaked quite quick with the marinade. Nutrition label does not consist of sauce, as quantity will differ based upon how your develop your bowl.

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