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Sweet juicy mango resting on my kitchen area counter, I enjoy you.

Regretfully, so do the community ants. However that will not stop me from purchasing, lightening (I’ll inform you about it later on), slicing, slurping, consuming, and caring you every day that I reside in Cebu. I can’t. get. enough.

As much as this brand-new location is growing on me, Cebu it is not the sort of location that yells “fresh fruit and vegetables”. Attempt more like “fried chicken” and “exhaust”.

I take the word luscious quite seriously. And yes, ideal smack dab in the middle of this metropolitan turmoil are what am I going to call the world’s most luscious mangos.

I do not understand how that all exercises, however I like it a bit more every day.

Mango chicken salad sandwich on a late.

I was absolutely not preparing ahead when I informed Alex and Sonja that I would handle the Mango Chicken Salad dish for their cookbook job. However look how perfectly that exercised: I now have yet another method to slip fresh mangos into every meal. Do not mind if I do.

This chicken salad is cool and velvety thanks to the mayo (yes, genuine mayo and no, I would not suggest subbing yogurt), plus it’s sweet and fresh thanks to the mango pieces and basil leaves. In case you were searching for the ideal lorry to provide this salad into your mouth, may I recommend an additional big buttery croissant?

And by recommend, I imply need. Please.

Mango chicken salad sandwich on a plate.

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A picture of Mango Chicken Salad Sandwich

Mango Chicken Salad Sandwich

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This mango chicken salad sandwich is a croissant packed with fresh mango chicken salad– chicken, sweet mango, fresh basil, green onions.



  1. Mix all components other than basil and chill. Include basil right before serving.
  2. Serve on a croissant, wrap, salad, and so on. Shop in the refrigerator for 2-3 days.

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