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Today is June 13th, 2016, so if you read this at some time in the future, possibly you will or possibly you will not keep in mind that this is the day after an offensive, world-shattering act of weapon violence here in the United States.

I got back from the studio on Sunday night after teaching a workshop over the weekend, and I settled into the sofa with my phone and my cookie to get in the Meaningless Introvert Zone and opened my social apps and there it was all over whatever: the news. And my brain attempting to process it: no no no no no.

Today as I sit here at my little breakfast counter attempting to compose this post about Korean barbeque Yum Yum Rice Bowls, I’m simply way lost. Even for as much as I like food and love these bowls and feel so fortunate to discuss all things scrumptious and excellent, the words feel– or ARE– entirely uncomfortable today. Blogging about something called YUM YUM RICE BOWLS today … it feels flaky at best, offensive at worst.

So rather I’m simply type of aimlessly typing and stopping briefly and looking into my tea latte that has actually long considering that gone cold, feeling overloaded and unfortunate and bleary-eyed behind my glasses and being fine leaning into that, and likewise understanding that someplace there are individuals feeling that searing loss in a a lot more acutely individual method and desiring and requiring to have my eyes open up to that. I’m stating, in the words Jen Hatmaker: I see this evil and I condemn it totally. As is frequently the case when things begin to break down, I’m discovering slivers of hope and motivation from believed leaders and caring neighborhoods all by method of the fantastic web– I suggest, it’s not constantly what it needs to be, however these are the times when I believe we can actually utilize our 21st century connectedness to discover each other. To find out, to listen, to like and to have a voice for excellent in times when the world seems like a dark and frightening location. I hope we feel that even here, on a food blog site. We see it, we call it, we condemn it, and we stand with each other on the side of excellent.

I believe among the only methods to fearlessly progress in these dark days is to do what small little things we can to bring back the balance– to keep the goodness coming. There is a lot of it in each people in our food and our houses and our hearts, right? Do you feel that? We need to relentlessly bring it all the time every day. If love is the bulk and love > hate, today, for a lot of us, food can be our sign of love and our useful method to right the balances.

So today my small act of proactive love and goodness for the world appears like a lot of scrumptious food in a bowl. Convenience, love, nutrition.

It’s marinaded Korean barbeque type steak served with kimchi (spicy, cause I included garlic chili paste and it has actually considering that ended up being a needed upgrade in my life) and white rice, although cauliflower rice has actually likewise taken place up in this home and it was not frustrating, however often life requires white rice and absolutely nothing however white rice. Then a little side dollop of that yum yum sauce I consumed about a while back, and naturally, OBVIOUSLY, the crown gem– a completely soft poached egg on top in honor of all things excellent and best worldwide.

Hands holding a bowl with rice and steak.

Just Like the majority of good ideas, this begins with a great food mill mixture of ginger and garlic and– wait on it– a pear.

I viewed this video and found out about utilizing pears for Korean meat marinades, so now I utilize pears and it type of seems like I understand what I’m doing. Type of.

Marinade for Korean BBQ Yum Yum Rice Bowls in a food processor.
Marinade for Korean BBQ Yum Yum Rice Bowls in a food processor.

This scrumptious garlic-ginger-pear paste goes right on the meat– and after that things get simple and loose, if you’re fine keeping it loose. Simply cover the meat with soy sauce and brown sugar (about equivalent parts of each) and include a fast stream of sesame oil. That’s it. Let that meat relax for a while to get scrumptious and after that fry it up on an incredibly hot frying pan for simply a couple of minutes.

It’s going to get golden brown and sticky, and if your pan is hot enough, it’s going to get a remarkable sear on it and as an outcome it is going to rock your world. And after that the leftovers are going to rock your world 5 times over. And this is what happiness in a bowl appears like.

It does not repair all the damaged things and I do not wish to pretend it’s even on the exact same level. Not even for half of a 2nd.

However in the name of all that’s excellent and valuable and love-filled, it’s one ping, a small act, a sluggish child action towards rightness in the method of our everyday act of putting amazing and reassuring food on the table.

Bowl with rice and steak with a fork.

Since of this day and what it indicates:

Bring love and goodness.

Call and condemn evil.

Bring back the balance.

Make and consume and share excellent food.

Keep In Mind. We come from each other.

Love you men. ♡

How To Make Our Korean Barbeque Yum Yum Rice Bowls (1 Minutes):

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Korean BBQ Yum Yum Rice Bowls in a bowl with fork.

Korean Barbeque Yum Yum Rice Bowls

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Korean Barbeque Yum Yum Rice Bowls: simple marinaded steak, hot kimchi, poached egg, rice, and yum yum sauce! SO excellent therefore simple!

Active Ingredients

For the Steak:

For the Yum Yum Rice Bowls:


  1. MEAT PREPARATION: Cut the steak into really thin bite-sized pieces and location in a blending bowl. Peel the garlic, ginger, and pears. Pulse in a food mill up until a paste kinds. Include the paste to the meat and stir to integrate. Cover whatever with soy sauce, brown sugar, and sesame oil– simply enough to cover and marinade. Your ratio needs to be approximately 4 parts soy sauce, 4 parts brown sugar, 1 part sesame oil. Mix all of it up and cool for thirty minutes approximately.
  2. MEAT COOKING: Heat a big sturdy frying pan over really high heat. Dispose of staying marinade and include the steak to the pan. Burn for a couple of minutes, turning it around one or two times, up until your meat has an actually good golden brown outside. Reserve.
  3. BOWL ASSEMBLY: Organize the rice, kimchi, greens, and steak in a bowl. Include the egg on leading and spray with sesame seeds, scallions, and Yum Yum Sauce. Mwah! You’re an employer.


I do not usually determine the marinade active ingredients. If you simply eyeball it so you get enough to cover (equivalent parts soy sauce and brown sugar, and simply a fast stream of sesame oil) you ought to be excellent to go. It’s more enjoyable to prepare like that.

Considering that your bowls will differ a lot, the nutrition details noted is simply for the meat and none of the bonus/ garnishes.

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Mentioning enthusiastic individuals bringing their excellent to the world, I ought to point out that this dish was influenced by the imaginative awesomeness of the yum yum bowls at World Street Kitchen Area in Minneapolis. Continue, food innovators!

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