Golden brown, pan-fried Kimchi Grilled Cheese is on the menu! Melty cheese with a caramelized kimchi and bacon filling sit in between 2 thick pieces of sourdough bread. Yum, good friends. YUM!

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We are absolutely nothing if not excellent travelers and when it pertains to “discover more scrumptious things to put in grilled cheese”, well, good friends … that is an experience we’re constantly happy to take.

Thick, crispy, golden brown pan-grilled pieces of sourdough. The meltiest of melty cheeses, 2 kinds since we imply it. An exceptionally caramelized, smoky spicy-sweet, practically jammy kimchi and bacon filling. Lordy bathroom, an experience awaits you too!

And if you resemble, “you truly missed out on a chance here not calling this “Grilled Kimchi-se” … you’re not incorrect.

However let’s get this bad kid on your table, shall we?

Components For This Grilled Cheese

The appeal of grilled cheese is absolutely the entire “just takes bread/butter/cheese” thing, however when you wish to glam up a sammy, we’ll require simply a couple of other things, however very few. Still quite dang basic!

If you’re not knowledgeable about kimchi, it is a standard Korean essential meal of hot fermented cabbage and other veggies. It has deep ancestral roots in Korean culture and came from countless years earlier as a method to protect veggies throughout the cold cold weather. The preparation has actually altered with time and there are lots of ranges with various ingredients/flavors/spice level, depending upon the area it is made in, however no matter what, it is discovered on almost every table and stays to this day a crucial source of pride in Korean culture.

Prefer To View Rather Of Check Out?

Caramelized kimchi and bacon in a pan

Let’s Make The very best Kimchi Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Kimchi by itself will be a little watery, so the secret here is to sauté it initially with the bacon and a little brown sugar so it gets sort of caramelized and ends up being sort of jammy. That’s right, JAMMY. The hot tastes of the kimchi blended with the smoky bacon and the speckle of sweet from the brown sugar? So excellent. So ideal for sandwich filling.

Here’s how we do it:

  1. Prepare the bacon up until it is crisp. Include the kimchi and brown sugar and let it pan fry, undisturbed, for a couple of minutes to assist dry it out and end up being caramelized. Transfer that to a bowl.
  2. Get your sandwich stacks all set. Bread, gruyere, kimchi mix, American cheese, bread. Butter (or mayo!) both sides to get ready for crisping.
  3. Heat that exact same pan over medium low. Lower and slower is much better here for optimum cheese meltiness and golden brown excellence!
  4. Prepare to fall in love.

Let’s Talk about The Cheese

Okay, cheese things. As you understand, constantly a crucial subject. Now, prior to you dismiss it, we truly do believe American cheese is vital here for its extremely differentiated melt element. It’s simply timeless grilled cheese 101, and we truly do not wish to tinker it. Gruyere likewise melts truly well and for us, it was simply another taste we enjoy. We likewise have actually done cheddar on this and it was excellent, too.

Truthfully, we seem like you most likely can’t fail, however we truly truly advise keeping the American, despite what other sort of cheese you utilize, so you get a few of that dreamy smooth meltiness.

Sides To Serve

If we’re being truthful here, we ‘d simply serve it with a side of ANOTHER kimchi grilled cheese … however there are other things that would work excellent, too. You might do this basic green salad or perhaps a smoother soup like this lavish tomato soup or the intense, reassuring and scrumptious golden soup.

However likewise, we’re quite major about simply a 2nd sandwich as a side. What an outright dream. Grilled Kimchi-se permanently.

Kimchi Grilled Cheese: Often Asked Concerns

Can I leave out the bacon to make it vegetarian?


Can I attempt other type of cheeses here?

You can kinda experiment with what you like, however we advise keeping at least among the cheeses as American cheese for its meltiness.

What can I utilize my remaining kimchi for?

More sandwiches, obviously! May we likewise recommend our Kimchi Fried Rice or stacking high kimchi on these tacos?

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Kimchi grilled cheese on a plate

Kimchi Grilled Cheese

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Golden brown, pan-fried Kimchi Grilled Cheese is on the menu! Melty cheese with a caramelized kimchi and bacon filling sit in between 2 thick pieces of sourdough bread. Yum, good friends. YUM!



Pan-Fried Kimchi:

Grilled Cheese:


  1. Prepare the bacon in a big pan over medium high heat up until crisped and fat is rendered. Include the kimchi to the pan with the brown sugar. Pan fry for a couple of minutes, leaving it undisturbed for a couple of minutes at a time so it dries and gets a bit caramelized. Season with black pepper. Transfer to a bowl and clean the pan tidy.
  2. Layer your sandwiches: a piece of sourdough, gruyere cheese, kimchi mix, American cheese, and a 2nd piece of sourdough. Spread butter or mayo over the top and bottom of the sandwich.
  3. Heat the exact same frying pan to medium heat; include the sandwich and cook for a couple of minutes on each side up until golden brown. Cut and serve. Magic.


You typically do not wish to utilize high heat here since the sandwich will burn while the cheese stays un-melted. Medium or low heat will permit the sandwich to remain on the heat longer, which will melt the cheese and provide you a golden brown outside.

I typically utilize about 1/4 cup of the kimchi mix per sandwich. If you have some unused kimchi mix, simply keep it in the refrigerator to contribute to sandwiches throughout the week.

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