Confession: We handed out our expensive zojirushi rice cooker ages back. Stunning, I understand, however we often make rice on the range, in a pot. That is, unless we’re making rice in an Instantaneous Pot since Immediate pot rice is an advantage.

It’s not a surprise that we like our Immediate Pot as a pressure cooker, however did you understand that the Immediate Pot’s can likewise prepare rice completely? It makes rice very rapidly and it’s fluffy and prepared ideal each time. So if you desire a set it and forget it sort of rice, Immediate Pot rice is for you. Plus if you remain in a rush, it’s performed in about 15 minutes compared to thirty minutes for stovetop or rice cooker.

What is the water to rice ratio for cooking rice in an Instantaneous Pot?

1 cup of white rice: 1 cup of water. That’s it, it’s simply a one to one ratio of rice to water. This indicates that you can utilize any sort of determining tool you desire, simply make certain the water and rice volume is equivalent.

How to prepare rice in an Instantaneous Pot

  1. Wash your rice. This is an optional action and depends upon what you desire from your rice. If you desire the grains to be more different with less starch (that is, stickiness) on each grain, wash your rice a number of times and drain extremely, effectively. You desire the rice to be virtually dry so utilize a screen.
  2. Prepare on high pressure. Pop the rice with an equivalent quantity of water into the insert of your Immediate Pot. Set your pot to High Pressure for 3 minutes.
  3. Natural release. When the Immediate Pot is done, let it naturally launch for 10 minutes.
  4. Fluff and serve. When the 10 minutes are up, vent the Immediate Pot, the open it up, fluff up the rice and take pleasure in!

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Do I require to wash rice prior to preparing it?

To be truthful, this is a down to individual viewpoint. For us, we do not constantly wash rice since the starch of rice is what makes it stick together when you utilize chopsticks to scoop up a bite. Our rice is never ever gummy which appears to be the reason individuals promote washing rice.

Washing rice is sort of a remaining thing from when rice production wasn’t as managed as it is now and individuals utilized to need to make certain absolutely nothing unfortunate was left in the rice they purchased. Plus, Asian mothers like to utilize the rice rinsing technique as make work for their kids. If you’re washing rice for a great 15 minutes then you’re not entering any problem, is what they believe.

If you wish to wash your rice, go all out! If you do not wish to, you do not need to. If you discover that your rice is too gummy or clumps together as it cooks, you’re most likely going to wish to wash your rice.

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What about wild rice?

Click On This Link for Immediate Pot wild rice directions.

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What to consume with fluffy white rice

  • Mapo tofu
  • Oven baked sweet and sour chicken
  • Oven baked sweet and sour pork
  • Salted egg yolk fried chicken
  • Chinese tomato egg stir fry
  • Thai basil chicken
  • Taiwanese fried chicken
  • Vegan popcorn chicken
  • Korean fried chicken
  • Air fryer char siu
  • Japanese soboro donburi
  • Chinese barbeque pork char siu
  • Garlicky mushrooms
  • Coconut curry chickpea stew
  • Velvety dijon mustard chicken
  • Sundubu jjigae
  • Gochujang honey roast chicken

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Immediate Pot Rice

Perfect rice in the Immediate Pot each time!
Serves 4
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Prepare Time 15 minutes Overall Time 15 minutes

Active Ingredients

  • 1 cup white rice see notes
  • 1 cup water

Unique Devices

  • instantaneous pot


  • Include the rice and water to the insert of the Immediate Pot.instant pot white rice |
  • Ensure the pressure valve remains in the sealed position. Set the Immediate Pot to press cook high for 3 minutes. When the pot is done, let it natural release for 10 minutes. Vent the pot (turn the venting knob to depressurize by launching the pressure). Open the cover right away, fluff and take pleasure in!instant pot rice |


Click on this link for wild rice directions.

Approximated Nutrition

Nutrition Information.
Immediate Pot Rice.

Quantity Per Serving.

Calories 169
Calories from Fat 3

% Daily Worth *

Fat 0.3 g 0% Hydrogenated fat 0.1 g 1% Cholesterol 0.01 mg 0% Salt 2.3 mg 0% Potassium 53.2 mg 2% Carbs 37g 12% Fiber 0.6 g 3% Sugar 0.05 g 0% Protein 3.25 g 7% * Percent Daily Worths are based upon a 2000 calorie diet plan.

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