Iced Matcha Green Tea Latte including almond milk, matcha powder, and honey or agave. Absolutely vegan 3-ingredient excellence!

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Okay! So let’s get granola for a minute.

A toasted English muffin smeared with almond butter and sea salt is simply pleading to be cleaned down with sips of this cold, velvety, sweet, antioxidant-dense iced matcha green tea latte. It resembles the world’s healthiest kind of a latte. I understand you’re perhaps asking concerns. Raising eyebrows. Matcha is a little bit off the mainstream map, I get it.

However hello– can you purchase almond milk? do you have Amazon? since that’s how I began with my matcha green tea latte fixation. Keep an eye out, hippie matcha green tea latte drinkers. The food regulars be comin’ for ya.

Iced Matcha Green Tea Latte powder.

Let Me Inform You About The Inspo For This Beverage

So to set the phase. MATCHA GREEN TEA IS THE BOMB.COM.

I didn’t understand about it up until, like, 2 months earlier. Everything began with a fascination with a regional tea bar in St. Paul, where I ‘d purchase this thing called a Royal Tea Latte (I’m speaking in previous tense as if this is something of days passed, however in truth I’m stopping there on my method house from work to get my 3rd one today– big plz– and I have no remorses) and due to the fact that the Royal needed to brew for a couple of minutes, I ‘d sit there and see all the other tea individuals buying and browsing the scary-exciting menu of a tea bar.

Which’s when I recognized: whoa, matcha.

Iced matcha in a jar with ice and a box of Blue Diamond Almond Breeze almondmilk next to it.

The Matcha Deets

I began buying matcha tea latte beverages at coffeehouse. I was simply curious. I discovered some things out.

  1. I’m going to be truthful– I can’t swallow matcha green tea lattes when they’re hot. Simply … excessive of a green plant steaminess in my face.
  2. I do, nevertheless, LOVE love like them cold. Icy cold and velvety and sweet, ideal for drinking through a straw. Bless that green beverage.
  3. Regrettably, when served cold, there is constantly the threat of getting matcha green tea portions up in your straw and, so so sorry, up in your mouth. Which brings us back to another thing I can’t swallow about matcha green tea lattes, which is, clearly, MATCHA GREEN TEA CHUNKS. Not all right.
  4. The option to getting them simply how I desire them? Silky-smooth and lusciously green and cold and velvety and a tiny bit over-sweetened? The option is making them in the house. Since you can purchase yourself a little package of matcha powder and your favorite velvety almond milk and be a whiz at this in less than one minute flat.

Get a mason container with a cover. Imma reveal you.


Iced Matcha Green Tea Latte in a jar with a white hand.

That’s the matcha paste (you need to make a paste so you do not get portions) blended with the almond milk and agave.

Cover on, annnnnnd GO.

Iced Matcha Green Tea Latte shaken in a jar with a white hand holding it up.

one minute later on, you are drinking that matcha green tea latte like a manager.

It’s loaded with anti-oxidants (thanks matcha!) and it’s ULTRA velvety while remaining light in calories and fat (thanks Almond Breeze!) and totally plant-powered ( thanks agave!) and GUESS WHAT there’s a perk.

It has a bit of caffeine. BZZZZZ

Mason jars filled with iced matcha green tea latte.

Iced Matcha Green Tea Latte– THINGS YOU REQUIRED:

PS. What was life prior to Amazon? I do not even keep in mind. Did you men understand about Prime Now? I can’t even. Recently I had actually something provided to our studio in less than one hour and I opened the bundle and took a look at Jenna and stated: WE’RE LIVING IN THE FUTURE.

Iced Matcha Green Tea Latte: Frequently Asked Questions

There’s honey in this. That’s not vegan, right?

Right, including honey to this beverage does not make this completely vegan. If you’re trying to find it to be totally plant-based, simply sub agave.

My matcha was clumpy. What occurred?

If you have a mesh strainer, you can likewise put the matcha latte through it to get rid of clumps. I am normally too lazy to get it out in the early morning, which is why I simply let it choose a 2nd and after that put thoroughly enough so that the little clumps simply sit tight in the bottom of the container.

Can I make this into a hot matcha latte?

You can, you completely can. TBH, I can’t swallow matcha green tea lattes when they’re hot. Simply … excessive of a green plant steaminess in my face. However it completely works that method if you like it.

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Ice Matcha Green Tea Latter being poured into a glass.

Iced Matcha Green Tea Latte

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Iced Matcha Green Tea Latte including almond milk, matcha powder, and honey or agave. Absolutely vegan 3-ingredient excellence!

Active Ingredients


  1. In a glass container, blend the matcha green tea powder with a bit of water– simply enough to form a paste. Stir it up till there are no clumps.
  2. Include the milk and agave. Cover with a tight-fitting cover and shake strongly up until included. Let sit for a minute so any staying clumps settle to the bottom. Thoroughly put into a glass with ice and take pleasure in!

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Shout out to Almond Breeze for partnering with us to make this scrumptious iced matcha green tea latte a truth.

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