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This is the start of a 10 week series of that is superspecial to me. It’s 10 Filipino dishes from the orphanage where I worked for the in 2015 of my life. This is the food that the kids consumed at their birthday celebrations; it’s what I consumed for supper with them when I was a bantay (home sitter); it’s what I will constantly think about when I think about Filipino food. I’ll share one mostly-picture-post every week with a dish consisted of, transcribed directly from the aunties who have actually been preparing for these kids for 10, 20, even thirty years. I wish to take you back there with me.

And this very first post is the story, in photos, of Filipino Pancit.

Bags of food on a counter.
Young girl sitting at a table.
Food in a skillet.
Woman cooking in a kitchen.
Filipino Pancit in a pan.
Filipino Pancit steaming in a pan.

Source Notes: Pancit Canton, Pancit Bihon, an Bam-i are all ranges of a stir-fried noodle meal that produce some extremely pleased birthdays at CSC. Salamat kaayo, lots of thanks, to sweet Auntie Febe (imagined listed below) for mentor me how to make this. I made my own dish for pancit a while back however this one is my cherished dish. Pancit will permanently be among my preferred Filipino foods.

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A picture of Filipino Pancit

Filipino Pancit

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This Filipino Pancit dish originates from the orphanage that I operated at for a year in Cebu. It’s my all-time preferred Filipino dish!



  1. Soak the vermicelli in water for about 5 minutes or up until soft.
  2. Brown the pork in the oil with the soy sauce, garlic, and onion.
  3. Include the water and bouillon cube to the pork and give a low simmer. Include the veggies and cook for 5-10 minutes. Include the raw pancit noodles and drenched vermicelli. Simmer over low heat up until the noodles take in all the broth.


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For the complete story on this addictive noodle home cooking, have a look at my other article on the Kid’s Shelter of Cebu site! Do it, do it, do it.

This Filipino Pancit recipe comes from the orphanage that I worked at for a year in Cebu. It's my all-time favorite Filipino recipe!

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