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Ok, so Filipino humba.

I feel quite comfy calling this my preferred Filipino food, although it’s a close tie in between this and Pancit. It is formally my preferred preferred when it is made because hot little cooking area half method up a rough mountain roadway by the CSC aunties, due to the fact that never ever when did I consume a much better tasting Filipino Humba than the variations from each of the orphanage homes.

Humba is truly comparable to pork adobo, however there’s frying included. And pork stubborn belly. AAHHH! FRIGHTENING!!! Yes, I understand how you feel. It’s unknown to Westerners (other than, um, bacon?) and for that reason it can be a little daunting to either purchase or consume. Once you get the I’m- scared-of-pork-belly drama out of the method, you can comprehend this: pork stubborn belly is extremely juicy and scrumptious like no other meat and you ought to not replace anything for it if you’re making Humba that you wish to taste remarkable.

The CSC aunties’ Humba was so juicy, 100% fall-off-the-bone tender, and simply totally filled with abundant, sweet taste. Because pot we have actually got the fried pork stubborn belly, a sweet and salted sauce that wishes to be absorbed by steaming white rice, pineapple, black beans, and green onions. You can type of translucent the development of images that by the end, this meat resembles a deep caramel golden brown. That, my pals, is the color of scrumptious.

Filipino Humba in a pot.

My most cherished Humba dish (although not the one utilized for this post) was offered to me by among your house dads, Tarex. I’m quite sure he observed me pestering everybody for their Humba dishes and either wished to assist me out and/or put an end to the Humba dish fascination. So one day when I remained in the cooking area, he got the only notepad he might discover laying around which was undoubtedly was completely crumpled and covered with crayon kid doodles, and transcribed his own individual Humba dish over the scribbles for me.

It’s holding on my refrigerator and it represents for me the insane sweet crossway of food and life and CSC. ♥

Homba recipe on a piece of paper.
Filipino Humba in a pot with a wooden spoon.
Filipino Humba in a pot.

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A picture of Filipino Humba

Filipino Humba

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Filipino Humba! Super juicy, scrumptious pork stubborn belly fried up and tossed with a sweet and salted sauce. Among my outright favorites!

Active Ingredients


  1. Different the fat from the lean meat by cutting the pork stubborn belly into medium-sized pieces (about 2 inch by 1 inch). Heat the oil in a big fry pan over medium low heat and prepare the pieces of pork till golden brown, about 15 minutes. Get rid of from oil and drain in a bowl lined with paper towels.
  2. Transfer the pork to a big pot and include all the staying active ingredients other than the green onions. Mix well and give a low boil over medium heat. Cover and simmer, stirring periodically. After thirty minutes, include the green onions and stir to blend them into the pot.
  3. Cover once again and simmer for an extra thirty minutes, or till the pork is really tender.


I do not suggest utilizing any other type of meat besides pork stubborn belly. I have actually attempted this with numerous cuts of pork and they are never ever as excellent as the pork stubborn belly due to the fact that they dry much quicker.

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And simply in case you require to enjoy an amazing video of my preferred kids worldwide preparing yourself for their very first day of school.

Which, you do.

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