Satisfy my preferred fried egg: the crispy olive oil fried egg. These fried eggs have golden, lacy, crispy edges, which contrast wonderfully with their runny yellow yolks. Contrast is whatever!

Start with an excellent egg, a hot frying pan, and a generous drizzle of olive oil, and you’ll wind up with the most tasty fried egg you have actually ever tasted. They are definitely much better than the rubbery, sulfurous eggs that come out of non-stick frying pans. In reality, these are the only fried eggs I ever wish to consume.

egg in hot skillet with olive oil

I discovered this strategy a number of years back from Phoebe Lapine by means of her YouTube video on fried eggs. Thanks, Phoebe! I have actually been cooking eggs by doing this since.

You have actually seen these crispy fried eggs on my dishes throughout the years, however I’m highlighting the strategy today and providing all the ideas and techniques I have actually found out. You’ll likewise get a take a look at my preferred dishes including these golden charms.


Watch How to Fry An Egg

How to Make the very best Fried Egg

Tips and factors to consider to bear in mind:

Start with a terrific egg. I like to purchase regional eggs, which have the most lovely golden yellow yolks. Free-range natural eggs are excellent, too.

Prepare a couple of eggs at a time. I typically simply prepare one egg at a time in a little frying pan due to the fact that in some cases the 2 eggs cross courses and stick.

Utilize a cast iron frying pan if you have one. Cast iron is non-toxic and maintains heat well. If you heat up the pan as directed prior to including the oil, it needs to use a terrific non-stick cooking surface area. I utilize my 8 ″ cast iron pan ( affiliate link) for single eggs, or 12 ″ pan for 2 eggs. My next finest bet would be stainless-steel. I’m reluctant to recommend non-stick pans due to the fact that high heat can harm the coverings and release poisonous PFOA’s into the air.

Split the egg into a bowl initially. You can more quickly prevent oil splatters by doing this. I likewise discover that putting from a bowl yields a more uniformly shaped fried egg that cooks a bit more uniformly.

Ensure the oil is hot prior to you gather the egg. This assists make sure that the egg does not adhere to the bottom of the pan, and yields very crispy edges.

Take care and look out for hot oil splatters! This dish is going to leave some small oil splatters on your stovetop. You’ll wish to step away after you gather the egg to prevent getting splattered yourself.

A note on basting the egg white with oil: The majority of olive oil fried egg dishes recommend basting the egg white (not the yolk) with the hot olive oil while it cooks. You can do this by tilting the pan and scooping up a few of the hot oil with a spoon. Nevertheless, I can’t do this without burning my hand with oil splatters! My eggs end up excellent without basting, so I didn’t include this in my dish.

If you desire more firm yolks: For medium eggs, simply prepare the egg for 30 to 60 more seconds. If you desire more firm yolks than that, you can cover the egg for 30 seconds or longer while it cooks.

Repeat with extra eggs. You can continue frying eggs in the exact same frying pan. Simply include another drizzle of olive oil prior to each egg. You may require to call down the heat as time goes on (if you capture the faintest whiff of smoke, it’s too hot).

Season as preferred. These fried eggs are generally best right out of the frying pan, however I enjoy to spray them with a little flaky sea salt and newly ground black pepper. Serve them with a knife and a fork to cut through their crispy undersides!

how to fry an egg

my favorite fried eggs recipe (cooked in olive oil with crispy edges)

Favorite Fried Eggs

  • Author: Cookie and Kate
  • Preparation Time: 1 minute
  • Prepare Time: 4 minutes
  • Overall Time: 5 minutes
  • Yield: 1 fried egg 1 x
  • Classification: Breakfast
  • Approach: Stovetop
  • Food: Vegetarian

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Find out how to make the very best fried eggs with this simple dish! The technique is to prepare them in hot olive oil so they establish alluring lacy edges and great deals of taste. You can prepare 1 to 2 eggs at a time in a frying pan.

Active Ingredients

  • 1 tablespoon extra-virgin olive oil
  • 1 egg


  1. Cooking 1 egg? Take out a little frying pan, ideally cast iron. Cooking 2 eggs? Utilize a medium-to-large frying pan and usage 2 tablespoons of olive oil.
  2. Split an egg into a little bowl or ramekin and location it near the range. Warm your frying pan over medium-high heat till it’s hot enough that a drop of water sizzles quickly on contact.
  3. Minimize the heat to medium and include the olive oil to the pan. Carefully tilt the pan around so the olive oil covers the base of the pan. The olive oil needs to be so warm that it sparkles on the pan (if not, provide it a bit more time to heat up).
  4. Thoroughly put the egg into the frying pan and look out for hot oil splatters (if you’re preparing to include another egg to the exact same pan, put it onto the side so there’s space for another).
  5. Let the egg cook, carefully tilting the pan sometimes to rearrange the oil, till the edges are crisp and golden and the yolk is prepared to your taste, about 2 minutes for runny yolks or 2 1/2 to 3 minutes for medium yolks. (If you’re including another egg to the frying pan, go on and do it while the other is cooking.)
  6. Transfer the prepared egg( s) to a plate. If you want to prepare more eggs in the exact same frying pan, include another drizzle of olive oil, leave the heat at medium (you may even require to call it down a bit to prevent smoking cigarettes) and include your next egg. Repeat as essential.


Spices recommendations: I enjoy a spray of flaky sea salt, newly ground black pepper, and in some cases a splash of hot sauce.

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Recipes Featuring Crispy Fried Eggs

Simple and delicious breakfast/brunch recipes: avocado pesto toast with a fried egg!

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” I want I might connect an image of how lovely this came out. This breakfast is tasty! It’s simple to make, and the various tastes are unbelievable. I might never ever make pesto besides like this once again! Even my remarkably fussy hubby (who has actually never ever consumed an over simple egg in his life) enjoyed It!”– Meghan

These homemade huevos rancheros are a hearty breakfast or dinner!

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DELICIOUS chilaquiles recipe with salsa verde instead of red sauce! This is a fantastic breakfast, brunch or dinner.

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” SO great. Made this dish for good friends over the weekend. Took a faster way and utilized pre-made salsa verde … considering that we were at a lake home and relaxing on a boat is more enjoyable than slicing veggies … however still ended up excellent. Each of your dishes that I have actually attempted has actually been a substantial success. Thanks!”– Emily

goat cheese polenta recipe

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breakfast fajitas from love real food cookbook

Spicy Breakfast Fajitas with Fried Eggs and Guacamole

This dish is readily available just in my cookbook, Love Real Food! If you have not attempted it yet, you have actually truly been losing out. Among my favorites, for sure!

Please let me understand how you like your fried eggs in the remarks! I truly enjoy hearing from you, and I hope this strategy becomes your brand-new favorite.

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