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There’s power in an excellent salad. The issue is, the majority of salads are not tasty. Begin. You understand you were believing the very same thing. I attempt to like to consume salads since

  1. they produce a quickly, filling meal- when done right,
  2. I can consume all my fresh farmer’s market fruit and vegetables,
  3. my brand-new pencil skirt from the Loft (possible very first day of school clothing?) fits a little bit more perfectly.

Creamy cilantro dressing on a salad and on a spoon.

So how about taking all that good-for-you salad things and making it taste BETTER by topping it with something that is still fresh and healthy?

Sign me up!

Or, um, I currently did sign myself up.

This cilantro dressing is made velvety with a little plain yogurt, and the taste of cilantro and garlic makes it fresh and hot tasting at the very same time.

A little honey and a pinch of sugar include sweet taste, and all of a sudden, I might consume it with a spoon. Mmmk, I currently did consume it with a spoon.

And after that I drowned my salad in it and devoured it. Deeee-licious.

Creamy cilantro dressing on top of salad.

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A picture of Creamy Cilantro Dressing

Creamy Cilantro Dressing

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This velvety cilantro dressing is extremely simple to make and healthy! Made with Greek yogurt, garlic, and lime juice. Delicious served on anything!

Active Ingredients


  1. Location all components in a food mill and pulse till smooth.
  2. Taste and change flavorings to your preference. Include the sugar if you desire it a little sweeter (I utilized the sugar and liked it, however it tasted fine without the sugar, too). You can likewise include water depending upon how thick you desire the dressing to be.
  3. Work as a dressing with salads, fish, chicken, or grilled veggies!

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What’s your preferred summertime salad mix? I am hooked on sautéed shrimp, peppers, and onions (with sunflower seeds for crunch)!

… Did I truly simply state “I am connected” in recommendation to a salad?

I do not understand what that implies, however I like!

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