Coconut Cashew Matcha Latte

This coconut cashew matcha latte is incredibly velvety with simply the ideal hit of caffeine. Ground vanilla and coconut butter make it additional great!

I understand I’ve done a lots of beverages with cashews recently, however in some way I was talented 2 Costco bags of raw cashews (both buyers did not understand they were raw hehe) fairly just recently so … forgive me? Perhaps somebody out there remains in the very same situation and completely values the cashew frequency. I have actually been relying on matcha in the early mornings recently since it’s a far more chill caffeine buzz that keeps me feeling more constant. Plus this beverage with cashews and coconut butter is so velvety and soothing very first thing.

Matcha is made from stone ground, shade-grown tea leaves. The great powder combined with warm water leads to an earthy, abundant and mellow drink that is enjoyed in Japan, and all over the world. I like this history of matcha piece on the Mizuba Tea site (I have had their matcha when I remained in Portland– so excellent!). If you are searching for a more conventional method to take pleasure in matcha, Candace Kumai has a dish and how-to video on her website– in addition to a lot of tasty matcha developments.

And some links today! I feel actually great about this specific lot, and hope you enjoy them as much as me. Hope you all get a little rest and a long time in the sunlight over the weekend. All my xo’s


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Coconut Cashew Matcha Latte

This coconut cashew matcha latte is incredibly velvety with simply the ideal hit of caffeine. Ground vanilla and coconut butter make it additional great!


Course Drink, Breakfast Diet Plan Gluten Free, Vegan, Vegetarian

Servings: 1

Author: Laura Wright


  • Mixer


  • 1/4 cup raw cashews
  • 1 teaspoon matcha powder
  • 1/2 teaspoon coconut butter
  • teaspoon ground vanilla powder ( or utilize extract!) (* )sweetener, to taste( a pitted Medjool date, drops of stevia, drizzle of maple syrup and so on)
  • 1
  • cup boiling water Directions

Toss the cashews, matcha, coconut butter, vanilla, and sweetener of option into the pitcher of an upright, high-speed mixer. Put the boiling water into the pitcher too.

  • Put the cover on the mixer and gradually bring the accelerate to high. Mix till cashews are completely incorporated/liquified. Put the coconut cashew matcha latte into your mug of option. Take pleasure in right away.
  • Notes

If you wish to do a cold variation of this, simply change the warm water with cold water and keep in mind to soak your cashews for a minimum of 2 hours prior. Mix the entire thing up, great pressure it, and after that serve the latte over ice.

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valentina|sweet kabocha

  • Exact same issue here– excessive caffeine:P

    Anyhow, I like matcha– and I’m likewise dealing with an Italian matcha brand name establishing some dishes
    — and we completely forgive for the abundance of cashews