Cinco de Mayo is turning up quickly. Here are 15 dishes that you can make to commemorate! Start preparing now for your ideal Cinco de Mayo menu.

Traditional cinco de mayo tacos

Birria tacos

These tacos are viral for a factor: smokey, sweet, hot fall-apart-tender beef stewed in a tasty consomé. Tortilla shells are dipped in fat, packed with beef, and fried to a crispy remarkable bite.

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Carnitas |


Traditional carnitas, you will constantly have my heart. Great carnitas are juicy, crispy, therefore, so excellent. Sluggish braised pork crisped up then all tight in soft tortillas is definitely the very best. The very best part about carnitas is that it’s so hands-off: meal preparation a substantial batch and you’re set.

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Barbacoa |


If you’re a beef fan, barbacoa is for you: sluggish prepared brisket that is incredibly delicious, soft, and juicy, skilled with dried chiles, cumin, oregano, and vinegar. Barbacoa is remarkable in tacos, burritos, by itself. There’s absolutely nothing barbacoa can’t do.

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Off the beaten course tacos

Al pastor quesatacos |

Al pastor quesatacos

Tacky tacos > non-cheesy tacos, amirite? These’s ultra tacky al pastor tacos are sweet, smoky, juicy, therefore so tacky. I like the brilliant sweet level of acidity of pineapples with al pastor– do not sleep on these people, they will alter your taco life!

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Chicken al pastor tacos |

Chicken al pastor tacos

If you’re a fan of the sweet and smoky tastes of al pastor however are seeming like chicken, chicken al pastor tacos are simply the important things. This is an incredibly simple, hardly a hassle 6 active ingredient al pastor sauce that is ideal with chicken. Whatever gets baked in the oven while you relax with margaritas and when the chicken’s prepared, you shred it and pop it into warmed tortillas.

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Adovada |


If you’re from New Mexico or perhaps if you have actually gone through the state of magic, I make certain you have actually had adovada: a red chile New Mexico pork stew that is ideal when tucked into soft and fluffy tortillas. The smokey deep taste originates from roasting dried chilies– you can coax out a lot taste and intricacy.

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Air fryer chicken tacos |

Air fryer chicken tacos

These people are based off of those popular crispy chicken tacos from El Parasol in New Mexico. They juicy, crisp, therefore excellent. I imagine these tacos. If you’re a crispy taco fan, attempt these people out, the juiciness of the chicken with the creaminess of the avocado beside the crispy crunch of newly fried corn tortillas is remarkable.

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Other scrumptious mains for cinco de mayo

Chile verde pork stew |

Chile verde pork stew

Sluggish roasted pork shoulder in a smokey roasted green pepper and tomatillo sauce comprises a rewarding hearty stew that you can dish out in burritos, enchiladas, tacos, or on a plate with retried beans, rice, and tortillas.

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Chicken enchiladas |

Chicken enchiladas

Corn tortillas twisted around an incredibly mouthwatering chicken, smothered in homemade enchilada sauce and cheese, baked to gooey excellence.

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Chicken tortilla soup |

Chicken tortilla soup

Sopa de tortilla made from tomatoes, garlic, onions, and chile is warming, filling, and loaded with a lot taste. Do not forget the garnishes since crispy strips of tortilla, avocados, and a lot of cheese takes this soup over the top.

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Air fryer taquitos |

Air fryer taquitos

Crispy, crispy rolled tacos packed with chipotle chicken dished out with avocado lime crema and pico de gallo.

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Remarkably silver lining meals for your cinco de mayo

Mexican rice |

Mexican rice

Rice is definitely a need for traditional Mexican plates, with enchiladas, on the side of tacos, involved burritos, or with stews. Rice is fried up with aromatics and spices then prepared with water and tomatoes for a tasty side that is excellent by itself or as the supporting star to a fantastic primary.

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Homemade tortilla chips |

Homemade tortilla chips

Hot and fresh tortilla chips are a revaluation. As soon as you have actually had tortilla chips fresh from the fryer, you’ll never ever return. Super easy to make and even much easier to consume!

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Guacamole |


What are chips without guacamole? The active ingredients are so easy however the execution is where it your guacamole can shine. Do not hesitate to be imaginative, guacamole can take it!

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Salsa verde |

Salsa verde

A 4 active ingredient green salsa for all your saucing and dipping requirements: smokey, fresh, and scrumptious.

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