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Another summertime preferred, comin atcha!

If you asked me if I have actually made this 1500 times in the last 2 weeks, I ‘d state yes. Yes, absolutely yes.

It’s the type of dish where whatever remains great for a long period of time in your refrigerator or freezer, so I simply keep all the components on hand at all times, and this becomes my we-don’ t-have-any-groceries-but-I-can-still-make-magic meal. Crust = freezer. Pepperoncini, salami, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, sauce = refrigerator. Chickpeas, olives = kitchen. Gang’s all there and prepared to celebration, no matter the number of days (fine, weeks) I have actually been overlooking the supermarket.

This sliced salad pizza scenario is what summertime tastes like to me. We have actually got a crispy, crackery crust baked with simply an incredibly thin layer of tomato sauce and mozz, and completed with a total bomb-overload of Italian-y sliced salad– the type that remains in no chance a “salad” however more like heavy with salami, cheese, pepperoncini, olives, tomatoes, and homemade Italian dressing.

Ohmygoodness. I can not get enough. Take a little appearance:

Chopped Salad Pizza ingredients in a bowl with drizzle

I might in fact dive into a bowl of this and more than happy living there up until completion of summertime.

It is my warm-weather food happiness.

Chopped Salad Pizza ingredients in a bowl

When you have actually got the salad sliced (it’s a bit of a discomfort so simply put yourself something to consume and put some great music on), the rest is so simple. You simply bake a crust with sauce and cheese, and put that salad right on top.

Likewise noteworthy is that in case you do not have sauce/cheese or perhaps do not like sauce/cheese (please no, I hope not), it in fact succeeds on top of a naked crust, too, as long as the crust has a great crispy crackle to it. We’re trying to find the type of crust that simply sort of crackles into little shattered pieces when you cut into it. Thin crust, flatbread, that sort of thing.

Or you understand what? Attempt it on simply crackers. You can be that fundamental. This is a safe zone for all your crispy sliced salad providing automobiles.

Chopped Salad Pizza

K, let’s simply ensure to be clear about how simple it is to consume.

Which is NOT REALLY SIMPLE. It is a huge ol’ mess– I suggest, it’s a salad on a pizza. Things is going to be falling off all over the location, specifically if your crust gets a little soft in the middle. It likewise does not keep well (once again, SALAD ON PIZZA) and type of needs you to consume the entire thing in one sitting, or do some prep work while keeping whatever kept individually. So please be encouraged– sliced salad pizza is perfect for the following scenarios:

Please do not let that stop you. Pretty please. This might be our summertime 2017 food fling.

Chopped Salad Pizza

This is among those no-recipe dishes where I simply inform you what to put in it and you pick the quantities of whatever. You cool wit dat? The only thing I ‘d suggest distributing particularly is the Italian dressing, if you wish to make your own, and I consisted of the quantities for that in the notes area.

Get after it!

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Chopped Salad Pizza in a row.

Sliced Salad Pizza

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A tasty Italian sliced salad on a crispy flatbread pizza with tomato and mozzarella, aka Sliced Salad Pizza. My preferred food this summertime!

Active Ingredients

For the Chopped Salad:



  1. Salad: Slice all your salad components and toss with some dressing. I like when it has a little time to sit and marinade together in the dressing.
  2. Pizza: Bake your crust for about 5-7 minutes at 375 degrees to get it crispy. If it requires more time, provide it approximately 10 minutes. Leading with a light layer of sauce and cheese and go back to the oven up until the cheese is melted.
  3. Assembly: Leading the pizza with the salad. Cut and serve. Yummy!


This dish makes a fair bit of dressing so you’ll most likely have some remaining– which is great by me since it complements practically whatever.

For tasty homemade Italian dressing, mix these components up until smooth and velvety:

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