this dish

When upon a time, I went to my moms and dad’s home to be “useful” while they ran out town.

Then the story deviated.

Chicken zucchini pasta in a bowl with a fork.

It became me attempting to make it through and keep everybody fed and alive.

When you integrate 3 teens with 2 seriously adorable/naughty pet dogs with one incredibly active 9 years of age … well, they are worthy of a round of applause. My moms and dads.

So how my mommy handles to host a birthday lunch and serve such tasty house prepared food (while managing the abovementioned circumstance) is beyond me.

However I like to attempt to be useful. And I am typically actually useful at partaking in the house prepared food part.

This chicken zucchini pasta dish is one that my mommy constantly produces household events, and it should have a round of applause from those who make it and those who prepare it. It’s a completely kinda elegant low upkeep meal that makes me delighted delighted delighted each time I consume it. Primarily I’m simply delighted that I do not have her task since I would most likely pass away. She’s remarkable.

Chicken zucchini pasta in a bowl with a fork.

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