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This video game is called How Can I Get You To Like A Careless Delicious Wild Rice Thing All Baked Up In A Pan.

To which I state video game ON.

Very first things initially: Minnesota. You need to most likely come. If you’re ever going to value a cold snowy winter season wonderland and pan-o-goodness of chicken and wild rice, December prior to Christmas is the time. I’ll crank up the heat in our little home to a good warm 75 degrees like the constantly cold energy squandering individual that I am, and you can come rest on my sofa, cuddle with my preferred used-to-be-white Pottery Barn blanket, smell the wild rice cooking away in the oven, and listen to the crackling fireplace.

Oh snap. We do not have a fireplace. I am a fireplace ledge occupant and for that reason this is the most unfortunate thing ever about our cute home nestled into the cold, frozen land of the Minnesota tundra. It’s generally a criminal activity to live here and not have a fireplace. Perhaps in some future home we’ll have a fireplace to relaxing as much as, however today, it’s simply us and the brand-new refrigerator.

Wait, the refrigerator! Houston, we have a refrigerator. There are operating kitchen area devices in your home aside from a mixer and a toaster for the very first time in months, and I have actually been sluggish on informing you about it due to the fact that I consumed all that turkey a while earlier and it simply … I dunno. It simply made me slow at life. Forgive?

Kitchen area remodel video upgrade coming atcha in 3, 2, 1 …

Kitchen Area Update (2 MINUTES):

We are down to a matter of DAYS prior to the total kitchen area expose takes place! The backsplash still requires to get completed, I require to get my kitchen area equipment arranged (story of my liiife), and we require to hang a couple of things on the walls. Perhaps.

Make certain to sign up for Pinch of Yum on YouTube <— a) because you don't want to miss the big final kitchen reveal and any recipe videos that will follow! and b) because we? I? Pinch of Yum? has a fantastic, tiny little army of exactly 689 followers, and for that reason I still celebrate every single follower, which means that I will eat an Oreo truffle in celebration when you subscribe. So, like, hurry up.

Chicken Wild rice casserole.

Veggies in a clear container.

Okay, though, we started out with me trying to make sure you know how great it is to eat chicken wild rice soup in casserole form, especially when topped with buttery golden brown toasty bread cubes.

It’s almost unfair for me to make a chicken wild rice casserole because I am so very happy eating chicken wild rice soup forever. I don’t have many recipes that I make more than a few times in my life, but that crockpot chicken wild rice soup is a once-a-month regular. My goal with this casserole wasn’t to replace the soup (hello, NOT POSSIBLE) but more just to offer my hungry self a recipe that could be a real food + comfort food casserole type thing that would give us all the cozy feels of soup without actually being soup. I sort of love casseroles in that very predictable Minnesota winter way, but I also like to try to make them updated to 2014, and this is why Chicken Wild Rice Casserole came into my life.

No cans of anything here – just lots of real, healthy ingredients (okay FINE there’s a little butter, too) which kind of feels good, and smart, and grown up and all that stuff, plus it just tastes like a bite of Minnesota home. Real food + comfort food.

Chicken Wild Rice Casserole.
Chicken Wild Rice Casserole.

Essentially what this Sloppy Wild Rice Deliciousness is all about is a good hearty pile of wild rice cooked in broth and carrots, onions, and celery –> That enjoyable video thing I was dealing with in San Francisco previously this fall? It’s a little blog writer photography class– and it’s live!

I dealt with Brit + Co. to establish an easy course called Photography for Bloggers. I utilized food (due to the fact that WHAT ELSE exists) for my mentor functions, however the concept is that these are photography essentials that would assist any brand-new blog writer– foodies and beyond– up their abilities in the photography department by discovering manual controls, lighting, and structure.

Examine it out here!

Chicken Wild rice casserole.
Chicken Wild Rice Casserole on a fork.

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Chicken Wild Rice Casserole in a dish with a spoon.

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