Winner, winner, Chicken Tortilla Soup supper! Tender chicken thighs, velvety pinto beans, garlic and onions, crushed tomatoes, jalapeño pepper, crushed tomatoes, and ALL the garnishes.

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It’s tough to take a parade around Soup Town without a fast jaunt through everybody’s preferred smoky, scoopy, top-able chicken tortilla soup.

Thin, however not too brothy. Simply enough to withstand deep, relaxing spoonfuls and stacks on stacks on stacks of garnishes however not feel like a chili or stew. Tender chicken shreds, buttery pinto beans, all the veg taste however no huge portions, simply the correct amount of heat throughout …

Ugh, exists a park bench someplace? We may be here a while.

Chicken Tortilla Soup in a soup pot with a ladle.

It’s tough to identify precisely the origin of tortilla soup, however it is typically credited to Central Mexico and specifically popular in Mexico City, where it was perhaps born in the close-by state of Tlaxcala (which in Nahuatl indicates “land of the corn” or “location where tortillas are plentiful”). In this terrific visitor post by Lorena Masso over on the ful-filled blog site, she yaps about how this soup in specific represents the mixing of Native and Spanish cultures in much of Mexican food. For instance, she states Spaniards are typically believed to have actually presented the idea of soup while corn is, naturally, a crucial and crucial component in native culture.

Lorena likewise discusses how tortilla soup can be discovered all over Mexico and the garnishes and active ingredients can absolutely differ from one state to another. However no matter where you discover it, you can constantly depend on an abundant chicken broth, roasted tomatoes, and chilis.

It is a quite common soup here in the U.S. too, and it appears everybody has a recipe/style they like a lot of. This is ours, with some shifts in active ingredients and technique based upon favored texture and taste. And oof, do we like it.

What remains in This Chicken Tortilla Soup

The component list in any tortilla soup is generally extremely basic however the taste, we guarantee you, is not. We like to run the fragrant veggies through the food mill, so the bits are good and little to begin things out. Red onion, a large quantity of garlic, and after that a jalapeño, however you might sub any type of pepper you like. A chipotle would be terrific here, dried guajillo or ancho chili for a more authentically Mexican take, or a green bell pepper if you are on the Midwestern level spice chart.

You might include other veg if you like, it’s yours to experiment with! Likewise, how are you about huge tomato portions in your soup? We are a little about them, so we utilized a can of crushed tomatoes. Delicious tomato taste with none of the surprise smush-cubes, you understand?

However the genuine benefit of utilizing a can of crushed tomatoes is the ever so small, nearly stylish thickening it gives this soup. Kicks things up simply one notch on the luxe chart and for that, we are huge, huge fans. If you are searching for an even thicker soup, some dishes will thicken with mixed dried tortillas or cornmeal.

Beyond that all you require is:

How To Make Chicken Tortilla Soup

After you have actually put together all your gamers, the procedure is quite basic. We have actually done it on the stovetop and in the Immediate Pot so truly, it depends on your state of mind.

  1. Veggies. Once again, we chose a buzz through the food mill, however you might definitely do a rough slice if that’s more your soup texture. Sauté up until soft and aromatic.
  2. Simmer Include your crushed tomatoes, broth, and chicken thighs and let them simmer for a bit.
  3. Shred & stir. As soon as prepared, pull the chicken out to shred and after that include back in in addition to the beans and any additional broth you may desire.
  4. Go time, celebration time. Get topping, buddies.

Chicken Tortilla Soup in a bowl with toppings.

Leading Everything Off

Okay, what is chicken tortilla soup without the tortilla part and this is where we’re going to encourage? ask? need? that you take a couple additional minutes and fry up your own * homemade * corn tortilla strips. YES, a few of your favorite tortilla chips would work absolutely terrific in a pinch however whoo-boy, these little fresh, crisp, salted strips that you made your ding-dang self?! Unmatched.

Slice some little corn tortillas into thin strips and after that fast fry them up in a pan with oil, salt, and after that munch and enjoy them for the rest of your days. That’s it. You have actually done it. High 5 yourself.

Now that we have actually persuaded you, please likewise get at the all set your stacks of intense cilantro and fresh lime squeezes, your buttery portions of avocado, your salted sprays of cotija, your drizzles of Mexican crema, or thwaps of sour cream. Construct tasty mountains in this soup and after that tear them down by the spoonful.

Chicken Tortilla Soup in a bowl with a spoon.

Chicken tortilla soup is simply, like, the buddy that’s constantly there for you– reassuring, versatile, simple … adoringly motivates you to make your own fried tortilla strips whenever possible. You understand, like any buddy would.

Chicken Tortilla Soup: Frequently Asked Questions

Can I utilize chicken breasts rather of chicken thighs?

Yes! Of note though, there’s a bit more taste in chicken thighs that’s truly, truly tasty for this soup.

How can I make this vegetarian?

This Immediate Pot Sugary Food Potato Tortilla Soup is an exceptional vegetarian-friendly option.

What opts for chicken tortilla soup?

Tortilla chips, fried tortilla strips, perhaps even these jalapeño corn fritters. SO GOOD!

Can I freeze this soup?

Yes, absolutely! Simply rewarm on the stovetop.

How can I thicken this soup?

Combined dried tortilla or cornmeal can assist thicken this up.

Can this be made in the Immediate Pot?

Yes! See dish notes listed below.

Can I utilize bone-in, skin-on chicken thighs?

Yes and it’ll include a lots of taste to the soup if you do. It’ll simply take a bit of time to eliminate the skin and bones when whatever completes cooking.

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Chicken Tortilla Soup in a bowl with toppings and a spoon.

Chicken Tortilla Soup

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Winner, winner, Chicken Tortilla Soup supper! Tender chicken thighs, velvety pinto beans, garlic and onions, crushed tomatoes, jalapeño pepper, crushed tomatoes, and ALL the garnishes.

Active Ingredients



  1. Heat oil in a soup pot over medium heat. Include onion, garlic, jalapeño, and spices; sauté for about 5-10 minutes or up until extremely soft and aromatic.
  2. Include the crushed tomatoes, broth, chicken thighs, and salt. Simmer for 10-15 minutes or up until chicken thighs are prepared through.
  3. Eliminate chicken from the pot. When cool enough to manage, shred and slice into little bite-sized pieces. Stir back into the pot with the beans. Include more broth depending upon how thin you like it. Leading with whatever. Crispy tortilla strips, cilantro, cotija, crema, lime, and so on


Immediate Pot Recommendations: Heat the oil and sauté the onion, garlic, and jalapeño for 5-10 minutes up until soft and aromatic. Include the crushed tomatoes, broth, chicken thighs, and salt. Seal the cover and set the cook time to 15 minutes with 10 minutes of natural pressure release. Eliminate the chicken from the pot to shred. Stir the shredded chicken back into the soup in addition to the pinto beans.

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