These barbeque Jackfruit Sandwiches include a “meaty” mix of jackfruit and chickpeas tossed in spices, garlic, and a little barbeque sauce. Stack everything on top of a toasted bun with slaw and supper is all set!

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Hi! Satisfy your brand-new pal, the most saucy, meaty-like barbeque sandwich with a crispy slaw on toasted brioche bun that is so filling, so day-making, so tasty and simple, and likewise … completely meatless.

That’s right. We’re hiring that can of JACKFRUIT to impress us with her meaty-textured methods here, and she does not dissatisfy.

What You’ll Required To Make Barbeque Jackfruit Sandwiches

Here are your short-ingredient-list fundamentals for this gorgeous imposing crunchy-saucy sandwich:

Plus or minus some additionals like garlic, a couple of additional spices, possibly some pickles and/or hot sauce as a topping, and boom. You exist.

New To Jackfruit?

Let’s discuss this meaty-but-not-meaty filling for a minute.

Roasted jackfruit in a pan.

If you have actually never ever prepared with canned jackfruit, listen up. You remain in for an enjoyable experience since IT’S SO EASY, pantry-friendly, and simply truly special. The hardest part is most likely discovering it, however even that isn’t too tough: most health-emphasis or specialized supermarket bring it, and when all else stops working, Amazon!

When you press on the jackfruit pieces with the back of a wood spoon or fork, they push apart into shreds that look like shredded chicken, pork, and so on. And when you include spices, a little brown sugar, and some barbeque sauce and let everything fry up in a pan? You’re going to get some truly great sweet and smoky roasty-ness on that jackfruit that is going to make you question where it’s been all your life.

And to take things to the next level, my pal Melissa has actually taught me the method: get some blitzed up chickpeas in there with those jackfruit shreds to type of increase up the zest element and make it truly feel considerable, filling, and crave-able.

Examine, inspect, and check.

Close-up of BBQ Jackfruit Sandwiches with slaw on a bun.

Now To Some Sandwich Styling

Garnishes are your option, naturally, however I am a huge advocate of simply a bag of store-bought coleslaw, specifically in these SOS times that we remain in. Do I choose the fragile texture of a homemade cabbage slaw? Yes. However when I’ve got 100 other fires to put out in your home, like, NOW? That is not the minute for me to be shredding up a head of cabbage.

Other garnishes that I have actually liked that need no advance preparation: avocado, pickles, pepperoncini, and hot sauce. Whatever offers it a little zip and zazz and perhaps even a little bite– that’s what I like.

Should you consume a stack of jalapeño cheddar kettle chips with your sandwich? I suggest, do you like yourself? I believe that is the genuine concern at hand.

BBQ Jackfruit Sandwiches on a plate.

Source notes: I lastly got the push I required to attempt jackfruit from my pal Melissa when she published this dish and swore that it was truly, in fact a great meaty option. And I had my doubts however dang, she was right. Her concept for the chickpea addition is special and truthfully … simply very clever. It includes some protein and fiber and still keeps things directly fixated all things veg! Thanks, Mel! ♡

Barbeque Jackfruit Sandwiches: Regularly Asked Concerns

What else can I utilize jackfruit for?

Lots! Jackfruit is a fantastic vegetarian replacement for practically any dish that needs shredded chicken or pork.

Can I leave out the brown sugar?

The brown sugar truly assists stabilize all of the tastes here, so it’s finest to keep it in. You might attempt decreasing the quantity though if you ‘d choose.

I can’t discover jackfruit in a salt water. My canned jackfruit remains in water. Will that work?

That need to still work! You may simply require to include a little capture of lime to bring all the tastes together.

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Barbeque Jackfruit Sandwiches

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These barbeque Jackfruit Sandwiches include a “meaty” mix of jackfruit and chickpeas tossed in spices, garlic, and a little barbeque sauce. Stack everything on top of a toasted bun with slaw and supper is all set!

Active Ingredients


Barbeque Jackfruit


The Rest:


  1. Shred the Jackfruit: Heat the olive oil in a pan over medium high heat. Include the jackfruit and break it apart into “shreds” with the back of a spoon.
  2. Make the Filling: In a little chopper or food mill, pulse your chickpeas and garlic up until they have actually a carefully sliced texture. Include the mix to the pan, in addition to the brown sugar and spices. Stir everything as much as get it skilled and delighted. Include barbecue sauce and let it get a little roasty. More undisturbed time in the pan = more meat-like browning.
  3. Put Together Sandwiches: Serve your jackfruit barbeque on a bun topped with slaw and anything else you like! Include a stack of salt & pepper chips to your plate and you remain in tasty company.



Nutrition information consists of the barbeque jackfruit, buns, and slaw.

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