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This was among my craziest and most enjoyable days in the Philippines. And it lacks a double one of the most tasty treat.

We made these golden fried brown sugar sticky bananas called Banana Hint when my pal Angie was checking out Bjork and me in Cebu. I benefited from having another adult around throughout the school day and did something that I have actually stated I would never ever do once again: prepare with my primary aged trainees. Think about the most popular you have actually ever felt in your life and increase it by 348,792. That’s how it feels to tower above a hot pan of frying oil while attempting to manage a group of kids in a little cooking area in the mountains of the Philippines. bahhhhh. I feel stressed simply thinking of it. It’s a little wonder that my type-A self has the ability to be an instructor.

However seriously, this day was simply plain enjoyable. My kids were sososososo so thrilled to prepare together with Auntie Pureza, among your house mamas. Like, the prettiest type of delighted where they inquire about it every day and recommend that we attempt cooking lechon baboy (um, an entire roasted pig?) next time. It was such a huge offer to them that when Auntie Pureza requested volunteers to do things like toss the banana peels in the trash, every hand in the space would be bouncing up in the air. I reallysupermiss those pleased, fun-loving kiddos.

In addition to all the pleased shelter banana hint memories, there was a little banana que stand at the bottom of the dirt roadway leading up to the shelter. So every day when Bjork would select me up from school on the motorbike, we ‘d go driving by the stand where the female was frying and offering her banana que on a stick. I enjoy banana que. And now I require to stop talking prior to I reserve myself an aircraft ticket back to the Philippines.

Ripe bananas.
Oil in a pan.
Women in the kitchen.
Bananas frying in a pan of oil.
Women eating fried bananas.
Bananas on skewers.

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Banana Que

Banana Hint

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This is a dish for banana hint from the Filipino orphanage where I worked for a year. Super easy, incredibly tasty, incredibly enjoyable dessert!

Active Ingredients


  1. Heat the oil over medium low heat. Include the brown sugar and wait up until the sugar begins to caramelize.
  2. Location the bananas in the oil and fry them with the brown sugar so up until they are covered with the sticky brown sugar and a deep golden color.
  3. Drain on paper towels and serve on private skewers.


I believe this would likewise deal with routine American supermarket bananas, although they may be a bit more mushy. However who minds a little mush when we’re discussing caramelized bananas !? The saba bananas utilized in the initial dish are actually strong and hold up well throughout the frying. Readers have actually likewise recommended plantains as an option.

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