Yum Yum Sauce is a) the very best name ever, and b) what is typically served at Japanese hibachi dining establishments, and likewise, as I discovered last weekend, at enjoyable hipster dining establishments with ethnic blend food. How incredible is it that the GIVEN NAME of this sauce is Yum Yum Sauce? I did not make that up, good friends. Yum Yum Sauce. It resembles it simply awaiting me to discover it.

this dish

Dear good friends, let’s talk.


I’m acting calm however this is what I’m actually feeling!!!!!!!!!

Is this not the very best news ever? Is summertime not simply the most pleased, soul-satisfying, incredible season? Are we not going to have a lot enjoyable and consume a lot great food and feel so terrific about life over the next couple of months? 100% opportunity that I’m going to press the limitations of blog writer obnoxiousness with my optimism for this season and I’m not even sorry one bit. I am a die-hard animal of the summer season. Sun and warm weather condition and green things and water and boats and sunglasses and umbrella beverages– this is heart tune of my Summertime Individuals. Where you men at?

Thing # 392 That I Love About Summer seasons: food is so simple.

sauce in bowl

Right here and now, I vow to you that I will continue publishing brand-new dishes through the summertime. However men, I likewise vow that I will never ever will I pretend like I’m making things that are more elegant than what I’m really producing my reality to consume. We consume a great deal of VE-RY-BA-SIC things in the summertime, you understand? Believe tomatoes, basil, mozz, olive oil, salt. Believe grilled chicken. Believe hotdogs (not above it) and brats and hamburgers, which advises me – > I simply saw this viral-y type Facebook video for a bacon covered cheese packed hamburger with onion rings and I revealed it to Bjork at breakfast today and watch out blog site world due to the fact that that is going to be taking place on our grill ASAP. Possibly by lunch break. Due to the fact that it’s summertime! Celebration on. The very best meals can come together in 3 seconds flat.

Today is no exception. I am going incredibly very little on this post due to the fact that it’s really a lead in to a more detailed dish post including a Korean barbeque beef brief rib rice bowl scenario (no however I’m severe tho) so in order to have this sauce ready, I believed I ‘d note it as its own post. Even if you never ever returned and discovered the Korean barbeque beef brief rib rice bowl dish in a week or more, you might still utilize this Yum Yum Sauce on anything and whatever you’re consuming this summertime.

Last night’s supper, for instance: spicy grilled chicken with definitely no appointments whatsoever on spices and spices tucked into a bed of cabbage slaw with chimichurri served with half an avocado and dipped in THIS MAGIC. Truthfully even simply avoid the rest of it if you desire. Grilled chicken, this sauce. BOOM. Supper is done.

Please, I prompt you, stop checking out today and get outdoors. Grill something. Choose something fresh from your garden. Or your next-door neighbor’s garden. Or the supermarket’s garden. Work up this sauce in 5 minutes flat and after that go consume all the important things with it and summerrrrrrr the night away.

Summertime, we enjoy you. ♡

sauce in a bowl with a fork dipping food

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Yum Yum sauce in a bowl with steak.

5 Minute Yum Yum Sauce

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Yum Yum Sauce! similar to the sauce from Japanese hibachi dining establishments– and it’s SO EASY. Perfect with grilled chicken, steak, veggies, rice bowls, covers, and more.




  1. Blend all active ingredients together till smooth.
  2. That’s it. You’re done. Rock on.



I like to leave the water for last so I can manage the density (in some cases I desire it to be more runny to sprinkle on things, and in some cases I desire it more thick for more of a dip). For the spice mix, I normally simply have something on hand that is a generic grill spices or chicken spices or something which works simply great. If you do not have a mix on hand, begin with a little garlic powder and after that include paprika or cayenne to taste.

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