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There is no chance to make this squash coconut curry noise as seriously scrumptious as it is.

And yes, I understand. I made curry once again. It’s ending up being an issue. Like, I have not made anything in current memory that wasn’t some uncommon usage of cauliflower or a vegetarian curry. I believe I may have even integrated my 2 likes not that long earlier. Helppp. Leave me some motivation in the remarks or something. My blog site is passing away a sluggish and delighted curry death.

If I might just ever make one meal in the house for the rest of permanently, I would pick curry– vegetarian, additional saucy, with cilantro all over it. Oh wait, is that what this is? Ok. Yeah.

Squash coconut curry in a skillet with a wooden spoon.

The curry variations that I make, and have actually been producing a very long time, aren’t truly genuine curries. This is apparent since 1) they do not taste like my preferred Indian dining establishment, and 2) in some cases I go on YouTube and view videos about Indian house cooking (where did those 4 hours go?), and their curries are simply way much better. When I view these ladies prepare, I feel overloaded and entranced and influenced to go discover star anise and kaffir lime leaves and cardamom pods. Isn’t there something about cooking videos on YouTube, anyways? Like some sort of magnetism that simply pulls you in? Where even if you sort of do not truly like it, you discover yourself enjoying it? Food. We simply like food.

However anyways. My inspiration for discovering the components genuine curry disappears reeeal quickly when it’s a billion degrees outdoors and I actually can’t drive myself anywhere.

So I simply stay at home and switch on the fan and make my own 30-minute curry. Pleased.

Squash coconut curry in a skillet.

I do not imply to bad-mouth squash, my most cherished veggie of the in 2015, however I did yearn for a replacement of sweet potatoes as I was making this. In case I have not currently obnoxiously made it recognized to the world, I have not discovered any orange sweet potatoes here in the Philippines. Purple sweet potatoes? Yes. They’re here. And thaaat’s kinda cool. However naturally I do not desire purple when I can in fact have a prepared supply of purple. Naturally I need to go and desire orange. In some cases I am aggravating.

I guarantee to attempt to make a purple sweet potato dish prior to we leave the Philippines. Simply to reveal you.

It ends up squash is likewise truly great in this curry. I imply, I understood it would be since I have actually been consuming squash like insane this year, however this squash lovin’ takes it to an entire brand-new level. The velvety, peanutty curry sauce is best with that tender, fragile squash. That is veggie paradise right there.

By the method, bulgur? It remains in here. I blended it in with whatever. It sounds method more frightening than it is however if you have actually never ever attempted it, this is your time. Believe healthier, nuttier rice that cooks in 15 minutes.


Squash coconut curry in a skillet.

The fire roasted tomatoes were an overall last minute choice however Helloooo Yummy. I was so happy I had a couple of cans of those on hand from my current purchase of every fire-roasted tomato can in the entire shop adventure. I have actually found out that specific things are difficult to discover in the Philippines, so when you discover what you desire, you have actually got ta act. And I imply fill-your-cart-full act.

All things thought about, I will certainly be consuming curry permanently.

Squash coconut curry on a plate.

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A picture of 30-Minute Squash Coconut Curry

30-Minute Squash Coconut Curry

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This thirty minutes squash coconut curry is quickly, simple, and extremely healthy. With coconut milk, curry paste, peanut butter, cilantro, tomatoes, and squash.

Active Ingredients


  1. Prepare bulgur according to package instructions. Reserve.
  2. Heat the olive oil in a big frying pan over medium heat. Include the garlic and ginger. Saute for 2-3 minutes, till soft and aromatic.
  3. Sprinkle the dry flavorings (curry, chili, turmeric, cayenne) over the squash and toss to integrate. Put the coconut milk into the frying pan and blend the curry, peanut butter, and honey into the coconut milk till smooth. Include the skilled squash and tomatoes. Cover and simmer for 10-15 minutes or till squash hurts however not mushy. Eliminate from heat and let mean 10 minutes (the sauce will thicken).
  4. Include the bulgur to the frying pan and blend well, or serve the curry over specific portions of bulgur. Include sliced cilantro prior to serving.


Depending upon your curry paste, you may wish to include a little additional salt. 3 tablespoons of Massaman curry paste was simply hot sufficient to offer it a little kick, however if you do not like spicy, go simple on the curry paste or pick a moderate range.
This makes 6 (HUGE and really filling) portions.
Here’s how I cut my squash.

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