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In some cases my preferred blog site dishes are the ones that I do not produce the blog site.

This is among those times. The tang of the tomatoes, the chewy entire wheat pasta, the tender-crisp infant broccoli, the velvety melted feta + the company crumbly feta, plus the freshness of lemon, basil, and pesto. I suggest, this is the entire taste, color, texture, and dietary bundle. AND 20 MINUTES. Read it and weep. Er, delighted weep.

I made this last Sunday night on an impulse, when what I had actually truly desired for supper was a frozen pizza however concern learn we had actually consumed all 47 of our frozen pizzas. Hmmph. Bjork recommended buying a pizza like the great spouse that he is ❤, however a) I could not wait that long and b) I desired something that had a little bit of redeeming dietary worth. For us, buying a pizza indicates including a big order of tacky breadsticks indicates food happiness dipped in marinara indicates no self control in the best/worst method possible.

So in order to prevent the pizza scenario, the psychological roller rollercoaster that occurs with being starving TODAY, I browsed the cabinets for some fast supper active ingredients. Which can constantly be a little fascinating, if your kitchen area is anything like mine. 3 boxes of the exact same pasta, half utilized containers of things, half of a lemon in a baggie in the refrigerator, that sort of thing.


Broccoli on a cutting board.

Thankfully I had actually purchased a little lot of infant broccoli and never ever utilized it prior to we left for holiday, and by some wonder, it was still crispy after hanging out in the refrigerator for a week while we roasted in the sun. Judge me. I attempt you.

Thankfully likewise I have a warehouse of pasta in which I discovered a half utilized bag of entire wheat penne pasta. Thank you, self, for being scrappy.

Penne with broccoli in a pan with a wooden spoon.

And to contribute to my supper luck, we likewise simply got a Costco subscription, and throughout among my current journeys I packed up on mass quantities of things I required like Mediterranean jarred foods since: saaaalty. Kalamata olives, artichokes, and oven roasted tomatoes galore. We ought to be great to opt for the next 18 years.

I opened the refrigerator trying to find inspo which brand name brand-new, hardly utilized, additional jumbo container of oven roasted tomatoes gazed me ideal in the face. It resembled the food universe was talking to me. ALL THE INDICATIONS.

Once again with the unscripted kitchen area findings: a half of a lemon. a bit of feta cheese. an open container of pesto.

Lemon Pesto Penne in a pan with a wooden spoon.

BAM. No frozen pizza, no shipment pizza (however simply you wait– Friday’s a-comin) and a healthy homemade intense and vibrant vegetarian supper on the table in 20 minutes. WIN WIN WIN! So there we sit, consuming double portions of this basic and fast lemon pesto penne, and Bjork is mouthing the words “this is the very best pasta you have actually ever made” however I can’t even hear him since my face is buried in tasty oven roasted tomatoes and crispy broccoli and chewy pasta. Bjork’s memory for food isn’t rather the steel trap that my own is, and I’m believe he miiiight have actually forgotten the Healthy Fettuccine Alfredo and likewise the San Marzano Pasta eFagioli, however I’ll take what I can get.

I made this on Sunday, it was a significant win on all levels, so I made it once again on Monday with a couple of additionals like fresh basil and fresher infant broccoli. And I may make it once again this evening. I believe 20 Minute Lemon Pesto Penne one-track mind is what they call it. End of story.

Lemon Pesto Penne in a white bowl with a fork.

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A picture of 20-Minute Lemon Pesto Penne

20-Minute Lemon Pesto Penne

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This 20 Minute Lemon Pesto Penne is my spouse’s preferred pasta! Child broccoli, oven roasted tomatoes, and fresh lemon and basil.

Active Ingredients


  1. Prepare the penne according to package instructions. Include the infant broccoli to the pot of boiling water for the last 1-2 minutes of cooking. It needs to turn intense green. Drain pipes and go back to the pan over medium high heat.
  2. Include the tomatoes and garlic to the pan with the pasta and infant broccoli; saute 1-2 minutes or up until aromatic. Include the pesto, half of the feta, and the lemon juice. Toss in the pan up until well integrated. Eliminate from heat and include the basil. Sprinkle with staying feta prior to serving.


You might likewise utilize routine broccoli, broccolini, or broccoli rabe (all have various tastes and textures however I believe they might all work).

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This 20 Minute Lemon Pesto Penne is my husband's favorite pasta! Baby broccoli, oven roasted tomatoes, and fresh lemon and basil.

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