Our preferred low-sugar treats in a pinch, consisting of siggi’s brand-new Easy Sides.

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Sugar is strange, ideal?

You desire it, and you enjoy it, however you do not desire it, and you possibly type of prevent it, although you like it, since excessive makes you feel awful. #complicated

I have actually discovered it so intriguing to try out eliminating and reestablishing sugar into my life over these last couple of years. In January, I brought you men together with me for Sugar Free January with an entire month of refined sugar complimentary dishes. It was really extremely scrumptious since I believe we were all advised that, surprise of all surprises, you can really still consume actually great food without sugar in your life! YES PLEASE! THIS IS AMAZING!

A great deal of ice cream has actually taken place in between January and now, so I think we might state that this post is a mild mid-year suggestion to myself of whatever that I felt so ecstatic about after Sugar Free January.

Because Sugar Free January ended, I have actually certainly reestablished sugar into my life. I consume oatmeal sweetened with brown sugar for breakfast nearly every day, ice cream of all ranges is my summertime anthem, and I have a popsicle or a glass of lemonade most nights after supper. I’m not completely exaggerating it, however I do believe being pregnant is making me more prone than ever to REALLY LOVING sugar.

Every when in a while I need to actually stop and believe: is this what I wish to be consuming? Exists nutrition here? Is this making me feel much better or even worse? Which’s type of what brought me to this post.

I personally require a pointer of all the great foods that are out there that can act as both a reward and an advantage to my body. Perhaps you do, too.

Naturally, the most affordable sugar treats you might discover would be things that aren’t sweet at all. Cheese, nuts, veggies, that example. That’s good and whatever, and I make sure there are great deals of lists out there with those type of concepts if that’s what you’re trying to find, however often I’m yearning something sweeter, and no offense, however a stack of carrot sticks simply isn’t going to do it for me.

When I remain in that location of desiring a reward– a real, non-carrot-stick, special-something reward– and likewise wishing to keep it quite wholesome, I rely on these delicious and simple lower in sugar treats (that easily type of taste like dessert).

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Siggi’s Easy Sides (!!!)

siggi's Simple Sides.

Here’s the handle these little snackers.

I require crunch with my yogurt, as you may keep in mind from my strawberry shortcake yogurt bowls previously this summertime (more on that in a minute), and these brand name spanking brand-new Easy Sides offerings make it simple to get the CRUNCH I’m trying to find, plus the protein I require, plus the feels-like-dessert ambiance, without all the additional sugar.

Personally, I ‘d advise the cacao nibs and coconut with vanilla yogurt. Why have I never ever had cacao nibs prior to? I do not understand, however those crispy chocolate-like bits combined with the naturally sweet coconut and velvety vanilla yogurt? Make that a yes. I have actually been consuming these as breakfast, lunch, and dessert-like treat and my life is leveled up since of it.

WINNING. I enjoy them. Thank you, siggi’s.

siggi's Simple Sides.
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Cookie dough energy bites.

Very little to see here other than COOKIE DOUGH THAT IS NUTRITIOUS.

Okay, it’s not genuine cookie dough, however it type of look like cookie dough, and it’s made without dates. Since often we require a break from dates.

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Bananas and Peanut Butter Waffles

Waffles with peanut butter and banana.

Yes, you are indulging your inner five-year-old self here.

This is among my strange-but-favorite treats today: a toasted waffle, leading with banana pieces, drizzle with peanut butter and collapses. Mwah.

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Salted Chocolate Treat Bars

Salted chocolate snack bars.


Easy and salty-sweet and personalized in the sweet-level department. Oats, coconut oil, cocoa, that example.

I enjoy these bars.

Click On This Link for the Salted Chocolate Treat Bars dish.

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Fall Radiance Milkshake

Autumn glow milkshake in a jar.

This is a fantastic 2nd breakfast circumstance.

It has a secret active ingredient called frozen cauliflower and I understand you do not think me however it simply works. It includes bulk and nutrition and creaminess without needing you to utilize 500 pieces of fruit. Short on the sweet taste scale, mega on the creamy/yummo scale.

Click On This Link for the Fall Radiance Milkshake dish.

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Pumpkin Granola

Pumpkin granola on a spoon.

Simply consumed this for 2nd (3rd?) breakfast, no joke.

This is the ideal granola for fall, other than type of for throughout the year. Like the rest of these dishes, it is personalized in regards to how sweet you make it, plus you get some natural sweet taste from the caramelization of the pumpkin and the nuts all hanging out in the oven for a while. It is ideal when made with genuine maple syrup– natural sweet taste at its finest, folks.

Click On This Link for the Pumpkin Granola dish.

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Cashew Coffee

Cashew coffee poured into mug.

Afternoon sugar bomb latte … OR … ultra velvety coffee made at house with great deals of healthy fats and less sugar in about 7 seconds?

If you have not attempted this, now is the time to make your relocation. Toss a handful of cashews in your mixer with some coffee, generally. Include a pinch of salt and genuine maple syrup if you wish to actually live your finest life.


Click On This Link for the Cashew Coffee dish.

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Caramelized Banana Oat Muffins

Caramelized banana oat muffins.

This dish is an oldie! I made it in 2014– the extremely first year we attempted going refined sugar complimentary for 60 days.

The sweet taste in this dish originates from– wait on it– NO SUGAR! simply caramelizing the bananas to highlight a few of the natural pizazz. It is made with entire wheat flour and it is an actually good wholesome treat when you are having a carbohydrate minute. I recommend a pat of melted butter or a drizzle of runny PB over the entire thing. Plus a cashew coffee. Those healthy fats are required.

Click On This Link for the Banana Oat Muffins dish.

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Almond Butter Cups

Almond butter cups.

Do not even imitate often you do not require a peanut butter cup.


These can be made with peanut butter or almond butter and you can manage the sweet taste to taste, because you’re making that chocolate mix from scratch. I think about these an all-time-freezer-essential.

Click On This Link for the Almond Butter Cups dish.

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Vegan Caramel Sauce ( with Apple Slices And All Other Fruit, Duh)

Vegan caramel sauce.

I do not understand how this is a genuine thing, however it is.

Vegan caramel sauce, kids. It’s prepared in 5 seconds flat and it makes you wish to consume fruit every day. Such a great option to the extremely sweet store-bought caramel and fruit dips!

Click On This Link for the Vegan Caramel Sauce dish.

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Soft Granola Bars

Soft granola bar held by hand.

Do you understand those extremely soft granola bars that we utilized to consume as kids that were, like, generally sweet bars in camouflage?

These resemble those, however healthier and less sugar insane. They are sweetened with honey which you can scale up or down depending upon just how much sweet taste you desire in your life. The oats and peanuts include bulk, and the crushed pretzels provide you that important salty-sweet dance. Most notably: they begin soft and remain soft. The only method I do granola bars.

Click On This Link for the Soft Granola Bars dish.

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Home Cheese and Peaches

Peaches with cottage cheese.

Velvety goodness with my juicy beloveds? Yes, I will.

This is my important snack/dessert of summertime. Select a greater fat home cheese, drizzle a little honey over the top, and you are most likely at a 5 star dining establishment today.

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Healthy-Ish Breakfast Cookies

Breakfast Cookies with blueberries.

For when you wish to consume cookies for breakfast and have it be 100% suitable and feel-good-in-your-body, since oats and bananas and blueberries and chocolate chips do, in truth, interact.

Who even understood.

Click On This Link for the Breakfast Cookies dish.

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Strawberry Shortcake Siggi’s Yogurt

Strawberry shortcake yogurt bowls.

Circling around back to this siggi’s appeal one more time, because it resembles consuming strawberry shortcake without consuming strawberry shortcake.

Gently macerated strawberries + a coconutty, buttery-tasting granola (generally shortcake, deal with me here) and number of generous thwaps of velvety, high protein, lower in sugar siggi’s Vanilla Triple Cream yogurt. Easy components, not a great deal of sugar. OMG.

Click On This Link for the Strawberry Shortcake Yogurt Bowls dish.

Would like to speak with you men on this! Mainly since I’m a food hog and I wish to obtain your concepts and consume them for myself.

How do you treat yourself AND likewise keep the sugar monster under control?

Likewise– anybody currently considering Sugar Free January once again? Meeeee!

Thank you to siggi’s for sponsoring this post!

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