Truthfully, my entire life has actually been leading up to this minute.

It’s time for me to come tidy: Pinch of Yum is truly simply a location for me to openly record the development of my significant love affair with my food mill. That’s all it is, you men. It has actually taken place without me even recognizing it.

I believe the level of food mill fixation that I’m handling truly begun to sink in when got a talk about our reader study a couple of months ago that constructively slammed me for having a lot of dishes that need a food mill, which made me understand: wow, I truly do utilize that thing a lot. Like, CAN’T STOP.

Which, my good friends, has actually brought me to this post where I count the manner ins which I enjoy that maker for all the magic it can do in the cooking area.

Slash has actually brought me to the point where I take food processor selfies. Cheeeeez!

Food Processor Selfie.

My alternatives at the food mill consumed crossroads in my blogging lyfe:

  1. I can attempt to utilize the food mill less in dishes, understanding that not everybody has one or takes pleasure in utilizing it as much as I do.
  2. I can attempt to bring you on board the insane train with me.

You men! There are a lot of cool things that food mill can do with food! 12 Wonderful Things, to be particular, which’s just scratching the surface area. So certainly I selected my 2nd choice. You, me, and the food mill riding the insane train together? Fuhhhhn.

Prior to we delve into the 12 Wonderful Things, however, let’s walk down Food mill Memory Lane.

I truthfully seem like I didn’t find out how to prepare till the day I very first brought house a food mill.

… From a yard sale.

… From the FREE box.

Oh my gosh, I’m gross.

Garage Sale Find food processor.

I keep in mind bringing it approximately the girl hosting (hosting? do you state hosting in recommendation to a yard sale?) and asking what it was. She informed me it was a food mill and she didn’t believe it worked any longer, which was why it was complimentary. Umm, let me believe. SOLD.

I took it house and cleaned it out 500 times and began making things with it– mainly dishes I had actually bookmarked for the day when I would one day have that elusively wonderful thing called a food mill. The majority of my starter dishes were sauces and dressings and things like that. I in fact particularly keep in mind making a Cashew Chicken dish from an Indian food cookbook in the dank cooking area of the college-y home that my good friends and I leased, and I likewise particularly keep in mind being impressed at the texture and taste of the sauce once it took a gone through that little maker. Since it’s typical for university student to make spicy Indian-inspired food from scratch on a Saturday night? Simply … I do not even understand.

Unfortunately, that old yard sale appeal isn’t around any longer, and I have no concept what brand name it was, however she is worthy of a reference for beginning this entire dependency.


I finished approximately the KRUPS Mini Chopper. This is what I signed up for when Bjork and I married 5 (nearly 6! ahh) years earlier. The initial chopper is no longer offered on Amazon, however I have actually connected to a comparable Cuisinart item.

Mini Chopper.

I keep in mind the precise minute, standing in Dog crate & Barrel, taking a look at all the food mill with a scanner weapon in my hand and my mama at my side, and attempting to determine if we were going to be * those individuals * who sign up for the cadillac of food mill as young 20-somethings who do not truly understand how to prepare, or if we were going to be typical and attempt to keep it under control with a smaller sized, more effective, less costly variation.

I selected the tiny chopper, which resembles a small, compact food mill, and it served me well for a couple of years. It was in fact simply last summertime that this little man passed away mid-basil-dip-making-session throughout summertime getaway at the cabin. Since, yes, I am the lady who loads my food mill in my travel suitcase when I go on getaway. The death of this tiny chopper was truly unfortunate (um, hi understatement). This little buddy and I took pleasure in 4 sweet, scrumptious years together, and for the rate, I seemed like it was a terrific starter food mill that assisted me step it up from my complimentary yard sale discover.

PS. If you’re out there reading this, dear individual who got us our very first mini food mill for a wedding event present, I thus credit you with the majority of the success of this blog site. THANK UUUUU.

However eventually where this food mill journey is bringing us is to the BIG PERSON– the remarkable, the precious, the Cuisinart 7-Cupper.

Er, fine, great, it’s the Cuisinart Classic 7-Cup Food Mill, if we’re being main.


I was absolutely unfortunate to lose my child food mill last summertime– well, I indicate, like, not infant food mill, simply, like, child … food mill. UGH wordssss. However the silver lining was that I had constantly desired a huge, profesh food mill and this was my time to get one!

You men. I have actually had it for about 9 months now, and I primarily simply wish to state something: this maker is INCREDIBLE. If I might just pick one cooking area home appliance to have for the rest of my cooking life, it would be this. No doubt.

It’s so, so, so tough. And huge– yes. That’s something to think about, and I can state that with experience being that I am an individual who runs out of a 90-square-foot cooking area. However wowsa, they load a great deal of power into that motor base! It resembles a brick, that thing. This Cuisinart is SO STRONG therefore STURDY that you might have the thickest of mixes in there and it would not even budge, squeak, or smoke in the smallest. Believe me– I have actually truly offered it a run for its cash.

There is simply one button– you either press it approximately leave it on, or you press it down to simply sporadically pulse something. EVEN I CAN FIGURE THIS OUT.

If you remain in the marketplace for a huge, genuine, going-to-use-it-for-a-long-time food mill, this is a winner. Evaluations on Amazon: 4.5 stars out of 1,500 evaluations.

A fast note: this maker includes great deals of parts, however for today’s post, I’m just discussing utilizing it with the main blade (see images) and the brief, simple to utilize leading. Okay, great, confession: I actually never ever utilize the high top and alternate blades. I have them in an unique “additional things” drawer in my cooking area and I have actually never ever utilized them, not even as soon as. Since you do not require to! Likewise: LAZY.

You men.

Let’s delve into the MAGIC of what this maker (or the smaller sized variations, for that matter) can do for your cooking life!

1. Making Homemade Nut Butters

Food processor.

Yay! We simply spoke about this in a post not that long earlier– bear in mind that homemade peanut butter that can be made in 5 minutes? Or this luscious 5 minute cashew sauce?

The texture of homemade peanut butter is whatever. And you men? If you require me, I’ll simply be over here making nut butters from every kind of nut possible.

2. Grinding Meat

Meat in a food processor.

Mmm, attractive.

Envisioned here is some great pink salmon, being gotten ready for awesomely textured lemon herb salmon hamburgers! I utilize my food mill to grind meat for meatballs and hamburgers galore.

3. Homemade Pesto

Sauce in a food processor.


However this pesto is a preferred much healthier variation from a pesto pasta bake that I made last summertime which is now taking control of my life once again. I ♡ THIS THINGS. Yay for adjustable pesto that we can place on whatever!

4. Curry Paste

Sauce in a food processor.

Umm, yeah, we simply spoke about the marvels of making curry paste in your home. Food mill = making individuals seem like they’re incredible cooks.

I’m digging it. Next up: induce the red and green curry pastes!

( idea! idea! idea! spray the white part of your blade with nonstick cooking spray to avoid neon yellow spots. that darn turmeric …)

5. Getting Awesomely Textured Veggies For Salads

Carrots in a food processor.

I utilize this food mill ALL THE TIME when it pertains to rapidly slicing things up for salads.

Carrots, particularly! I enjoy to utilize it to cut up carrots, onions, and celery for a soup base and I likewise utilize it for cutting up veggies in things like this Herbed Quinoa Garden Vegetable Salad!

Likewise imagined: white beans and herbs that I was slicing up for these little 10 minute artichoke toasts.

Food in a food processor.

6. Making Homemade Hummus

Sauce in a food processor with a spoon.

Right? I enjoy my food mill for hummus! We made some at my supper club the other night and it was so simple + so great.

My preferred dish for homemade hummus is this one– however cautioning– the very best finest finest texture originates from investing a little time taking the skins off the chickpeas. I understand, bothersome, however so worth it if you’re a texture freak. (The variation imagined here did not have the skins eliminated. Still delish.)

7. Inner Goddess Chocolate Truffles (and Other Healthy Treats)

Chocolate in a food processor.

The Cuisinart likes dates, date balls, date bars, and other date mixes. Seriously, it works like a dream for making incredible “dough” out of much healthier components like nuts and dates.

Inner Goddess Chocolate Truffles alone may be worth the rate of admission!

8. Slicing Nuts

Chopped nuts in a food processor.

It’s simply among those little things that’s bothersome to do on a cutting board.

I pop the nuts in, whir them around for a couple of seconds, and voila. I generally keep a container of crushed almonds like this for topping dishes or utilizing in salads. Perf!

9. Homemade Dressings

Food processor with liquid.

Like the wearing this Chopped Thai Salad with Sesame Garlic Dressing. HELLOOOOOOOO.

I enjoy the food mill for dressings since you do not need to cut up the garlic or the herbs at all. The food mill does ALL the work and you get a good, smooth dressing! A lot of great dressing vibes.

10. Cutting Butter Into Flour

Crumbs in a food processor.

Okay, today I remain in the middle of a sugar complimentary 60 day thing, so I will not be making any bars or pie crusts or other fantastic things for a little while.

BUT. If you are requiring to cut butter into flour to make a lovely dough for any scrumptious factor, the food mill works magnificently for that. There is in fact a different blade that you are expected to utilize for it– I believe it’s plastic instead of the sharp blades imagined here, however like I stated previously, I never ever alter my blade since a) the routine one works for whatever, and b) laziness.

11. Making Healthy Ice Cream

Chocolate liquid and chocolate chunks in a food processor.

Ahh! So thrilled to share this dish with you since CHOCOLATE, REFINED SUGAR FREE, GLOWY HEALTHY YUM. Go inspect it out!

Likewise, you should attempt this peanut butter banana soft serve ice cream– I have actually likewise been passing away to attempt this with frozen fruit like mango, strawberries, and so on

12. Magic Green Sauce

Green sauce in a food processor.

It’s just proper that I ‘d end this post of 12 Wonderful Ways to Utilize a Food Mill with THE MAGIC GREEN SAUCE.

If you have not attempted it, what is life like for you? Is it unfortunate?

If you’re just going to make one thing from this post with your food mill or tiny chopper or yard sale food-processor-like thing, make it this green sauce and simply attempt not to put it on whatever for the rest of your life, ever.

In my mind, these Something Besides a Dish posts are constantly truly fast and simple to throw up. However in some way, I seem like I simply ran a marathon. THE VERY BEST TYPE OF MARATHON. I was produced this type of work.

After all that …

I enjoy you men. ♡ And I enjoy your imaginative minds. Let me understand what else we might contribute to this list by leaving a remark!

And lastly, I wish to formally invite you to the Food Mill Lovers’ club. Whether you have actually got the KRUPS Mini Chopper or the Cuisinart Classic 7-Cup Food Mill or something in between, there are great times ahead.

Disclaimer: this post consists of affiliate links for all the food mill I pointed out in my walk down Food mill Memory Lane! I desire you to have one so bad.

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