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Online Profit For Dummies Review

Online Profit For Dummies

Online Profit For Dummies

Online Profit For Dummies Review

About Online Profit For Dummies

So we have a good bit to go over on Online Profit For Dummies. For starters this program was founded by a guy named Ryan Maynard. For those that don’t know, he was a member in a similar program called Instant Payday Network. He did well with it, and decided to branch off and start this. Now in short this program is a way for people to make money online and from home with. This is done by you to complete trial offers from fortune 500 companies. Plus getting people you sign up to do the same. We will get more in depth on how that works now in Online Profit For Dummies.

Online Profit For Dummies

Online Profit For Dummies

How Online Profit For Dummies Works

Now I want to explain exactly what you are doing here in Online Profit For Dummies to make money. As I mentioned to make money here, you have to complete fortune 500 company trial offers. Now this isn’t forever, but when you join initially you will have to complete trial offers to earn credits to get paid.

The way the credits work are like this. You will be doing these trial offers through two websites tied in called Express My Cash Freebies & Double My Cash Freebies. You have to meet the 1 credit requirement on each site. When you do, this will allow you to get paid on each site. Now you only have to earn that 1 credit once, and you are good for life and to refer people to it to start making you money. Keep in mind also some trials may cost you a few bucks to do. Some are free, some are not. You could spend anywhere from a dollar to twenty dollars. It all depends. Some offers require an actual credit card also.

Now the amount of offers needed to get the 1 credit, can vary and change at all times. This is due to the companies involved constantly changing what they offer. So it is the nature of the beast here. Some offers may give you anywhere from .20 – 1 full credit. Like I said it really depends on at the time you look or go to join what these companies are offering. So yes you may have to sign up for several trial offers. To actually complete the trial offers to get you your 1 credit on each site, you have to complete them properly. Now again each company has different standards and requirements. You will have to stay signed up through majority of the trial chosen. If not you run the chance of the credit being revoked. Keep in mind you are going to have to use a valid credit card to do all of this. Pre paid cards will not work, as if they did people could buy a ton of them, and simply abuse the system with fake names and signups. So if you do not have a bank account do not bother with this. As the companies will not allow you to do the trial offers.

What Do You Get With Online Profit For Dummies?

So now that we went over the basics of how it works, what do you get here with Online Profit for Dummies? Well this program gives you the basics to help you recruit people. When you sign up, you will get the basic replicated website. This basically will allow you to keep track of your leads (people) who join you in it. The Online Profit For Dummies website gives you a basic autoresponder specified for the system, and basic capture pages for people to enter their name and email. These things are specified to the system though, and cannot be edited within. So using this stuff will be specified to Online Profit For Dummies. Not anything else or another system if you try integrating it.

You also get basic marketing training here. Which will be ways to help you market it. They also have a Facebook group for people in Online Profit For Dummies to join and communicate with other members.

Aside from the training here, it comes down to you taking action and making the effort to make it work though. Whether in Online Profit For Dummies or not.

Online Profit For Dummies

Online Profit For Dummies

Online Profit For Dummies Pros & Cons

Keep in mind these here are my personal feelings, do not take any of it personal for those already in Online Profit For Dummies reading this. Being as I am involved in a similar program, I call it truthfully and can be honest about Online Profit For Dummies.

Pros – 

  • Way for you to make money online and from home
  • Gives basic marketing training
  • Replicated website to do the hard work for you as far as follow up goes
  • Newbie friendly
  • Team environment

Cons –

  • You need a bank account
  • Limited to USA, Canada and UK due to the fortune 500 companies restrictions and limitations
  • Nothing new, many programs out right now just like it. Project Payday, Instant Payday Network and Instant Rewards
  • Many people involved already in the similar programs
  • Global reach limited
  • Many complaining about a copyright issue with this program using part of a name/concept from the “(name here) for dummies” books.

Online Profit For Dummies Recap

For those who may be confused or not understanding the Online Profit For Dummies program, I will go over it simply again. In short you earn credits by completing trial offers. You then can refer people to do the same for you to get paid. This is the jist of the program. You are paid through sites like Paypal. I believe you can be paid by check also. Do not quote me on that though.

Online Profit For Dummies

Online Profit For Dummies

Online Profit For Dummies Conclusion

In the end I don’t mind the Online Profit For Dummies system. It does help you market it, and it is like I said newbie friendly. Yes you can make money with this, and yes it does pay. I personally am not a fan of system like this with limited audience reach though. I like global accessible systems to make money with. I actually am noticing a few from one of the original programs called Instant Payday Network joining this as well.  I think I just can’t praise it much because I have seen it before. As I mentioned earlier, I know of a few just like this. That isn’t to say this doesn’t work, it just simply isn’t nothing new. So if you are an experienced marketer or someone who has already been making money online and looking for something new and here for a new experience. You are in the wrong place with Online Profit For Dummies.

You obviously are here because you are looking to make money online, and from home. Discover how to actually make the money you are looking for with a proven system, including the tools, training, resources, and support needed to make it. Take action, and get started below to join team. Those of you already in Online Profit For Dummies, you can use this as well to build it.

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  1. Dr. Leon Kolodziej // September 23, 2014 at 5:47 am //

    I’m confused, Thomas. How do I get started with Online Profit for dummies? There is no “.com” site. How do I do it?
    Dr. Leon Kolodziej

  2. Thomas Zinsavage // September 23, 2014 at 5:58 pm //

    Hello Dr Leon, I am not sure, as I noticed that also a few weeks ago. The main site seems to be removed or something. Seems you can only get it by direct invite through an actual affiliate link. We don’t use that anyway. The program is a one hit wonder for sales. I personally am all about residual/recurring income.

    Keep in mind like I said this program here is quite limited on its audience reach due to the trial offers region access.

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